“Sandwiches are wonderful. You don’t need a spoon or a plate!” 

The morning is bright and already getting hot. I am in the den which is dark in the morning and feels cooler than the rest of the house. That always reminds me of my mother. She pulled down every shade in the house on hot days to make the house cooler. The living room was always dark.

Again, for another day, I have no plans. I have an empty, yellowing dance card. I don’t need anything, no groceries or animal food, though I wouldn’t mind a Snickers. A dump run is on my to do list, maybe tomorrow, maybe not tomorrow.

When I was a kid, bologna on white bread with yellow mustard was my usual lunch. The bologna came in a roll. I wasn’t great at slicing. One side of the bologna would be thin while the other side would often be thick. The bread seemed to curl around the bologna and sink in the middle. When I was a little older, I added hot peppers to the sandwiches. The peppers came in a jar. I used to cut them into two and add them to the bologna. The bread didn’t hold up well to the peppers. Dessert was whatever cookies were left in the cabinet, Oreos or chocolate chip if we were lucky.

I loved the library on hot days. It always felt cool. I used to sit at one of the wooden tables and read. Usually the library wasn’t very busy on summer days so the librarian didn’t care how long I sat there. I spent so much time in that library I can still close my eyes and see it as it was.

The Dairy Queen used to be across from what was the high school. If I had some change, I’d bike down and buy a cone with that hard chocolate cover. I remember you had to be careful or the chocolate cracked and came off in one piece. Sometimes the piece fell to the ground. That was so awful, so horrific. My father used to hate it if we called it ice cream. He’d always say it was ice milk. You added milk to a powder to make it. Back then, my father worked for Hood Ice Cream so he knew his ice cream or his not ice cream.

Everything is quiet. Even the dogs are napping. I’m going to do a bit of reading to while away the afternoon.

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2 Comments on ““Sandwiches are wonderful. You don’t need a spoon or a plate!” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    This morning we had some rumbles of thunder, but we didn’t get any rain. The high today was 97° as the high pressure heat dome is moving into the area. More triple digit days ahead, just not record breaking heat.

    I’m watching the All Star game because my Texas Rangers had six starters playing in the first inning. This was only the third time in baseball history that happened. The 1936 Yankees and the 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers. Now the Texas Rangers! Amazing! Two years ago this team lost 100 games.

    Every kid ate bologna sandwiches on white bread with yellow mustard. I still can’t cut bologna straight. I still enjoy a Dairy Queen cone with the chocolate fudge on top.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It was hot here today as well, 83°. I stayed home but didn’t need the AC as there was a breeze. Even the humidity was a bit less.

      I didn’t watch the game as the Sox only had one player. They ignored Alex Verdugo and Masataka Yoshida, both outfielders, who should have made the team.

      Now, I buy cut bologna from the deli, and I use all sorts of mustards, none of them the yellow mustard. My latest mustard is German.

      There is one Dairy Queen close to me. I haven’t been there in ages.

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