“It was a messy, whipping, every-which-direction, cold drops in warm air, big-splattered summer rain.” 

Around four this morning the dogs and I were awakened by the loudest clap of thunder I have ever heard. It was right over our heads, and the house shook. I could almost feel the power of that thunder clap. Lesser claps followed than rolling thunder. The dogs and I were on alert. Finally, the thunder rolled away, and all of us were able to relax.

Last night’s rain was torrential, and the sounds of the drops on the roof and against the windows surrounded us. That was the last sound I heard before I fell asleep.

It was still raining but gently when we woke up. Now I hear only drops from the trees in the back yard. The sky lightens then darkens. It is warm and, as you’d expect, quite humid. More rain is predicted.

My dance card is filled this week with uke. Last night we had our usual Monday concert in Hyannis. The crowd was small as rain was a possibility. Tonight I have practice with a new book, Across America. Tomorrow is a lesson and another concert.

When I was a kid, I entertained myself all summer by finding something to do every day. The playground was my favorite spot. I’d spend whole days there. That was where I learned to weave gimp and make potholders. I played softball in the afternoons. I pitched and played first base. I loved those summer days.

On rainy days, I’d often ride my bike, that is if the rain was gentle. My favorite spots included the field near my house with the two horses. They’d come to the fence to greet us. I’d search around the golf course for golf balls which had missed their targets. Some were even across the street from the course on lawns. I’d ride to the farm and watch the cows. I’d pedal to the next town over and circle the lake. That was my long ride.

I always had books to read, mostly from the library. On Fridays, though, I’d get my fifty cents allowance and rush uptown to buy one of the Whitman books from the series I loved like Trixie Belden, Donna Parker and Ginny Gordon. They were 49¢ so that left a penny for candy.

The grocery store is on my list again. I forgot bread the last time. It is also an excuse to get another Snickers though I really don’t need an excuse. I just need chocolate.

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4 Comments on ““It was a messy, whipping, every-which-direction, cold drops in warm air, big-splattered summer rain.” ”

  1. Caryn Says:

    I never learned to weave gimp. Not that I didn’t try but I just couldn’t get the hang of it. My gimp was always gimpy. I did learn to weave potholders on the small metal frame using the cloth elastic loops. Those are back in style now and the the good cotton loops are pricey, too. I have resisted so far.
    There was rain most of last night into the late morning. We heard faint thunder but nothing came close. This morning was gentle rain. Now it’s just random drops and very humid. I have to mow. Bleh.:)

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I bought one of those potholes kits using the lockdown and made a passable potholder. I have enough for a couple of more. I’m thinking for friends, a bit of nostalgia.

      One Christmas my mother gave me gimp in my stocking, enough for a lanyard. I remembered how to make it and even added a hook at the end for an ID badge or a whistle.

      Nala and I just got back from the vets. Her stitches are gone, and her ears look great. It was raining both going and coming.

      Too wet to mow!

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today the sun is again shining brightly and the high temperature is forecasted for the century mark. Yesterday, we hit 101°, which isn’t any hotter than 100°. Unfortunately, yesterday was so uncomfortable because of the high humidity. The heat index was over 112°. It was so hot that my wife decided not to go into the pool. 🙂 There’s a huge dome of high pressure just sitting on top of the state and therefore no rain chances until the weekend when the High pressure moves to the east. .

    When I was a kid my mother would take my sister and I to the public pool daily. Back in those days we wouldn’t get any rain from the Fourth of July until Labor Day. More lakes and more population equal more humidity.

    I’m glad to hear that Nala’s ears have healed up. No one likes to see a kid or an animal in pain or discomfort. I don’t like to see anyone miserable.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It is a lovely evening with a cooling breeze and a temperature of 72°. We got the most rain in the state and more is predicted for tomorrow. I don’t mind.

      My brother and I used to go to the pool by ourselves while my mother stayed home with my younger sisters. It was quite a walk as it was way at the other end of the town so I don’t know how cooling it was after walking home.

      Nala’s ears look good, no scars to see as the damage was inside the ears. That is the last vet visit until the fall.

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