“If you are wearing clothes that you enjoy wearing, everything you do in life becomes fun.” 

The morning is a bit ugly. It is cloudy and humid. It is also warm, at 74°. A here and there breeze stirs the air and the oak leaves on the tallest branches. I’m thinking it is a good day for reading and relaxing, but I do need to buy some cat food and some human food, especially bread, the staff of life, and Snickers, my life sustaining food.

I’m watching The Incredible Petrified World released in 1959. It is quite awful so I am enjoying it. The only actors I know are John Carradine and Phyllis Coates though another, Robert Clarke, looks familiar.

Nala is a happy dog. She can come in and go out the dog door. She can eat comfortably from her dish. She can sleep on my lap. Yesterday the dog officer came to release Henry from house arrest. He didn’t make a great impression. He constantly barked at her.

When I was a kid, I was never into clothes or shoes. For school, I had no choice of what to wear. I wore a uniform, but that never really bothered me. It was a relief of sorts. I didn’t need to pick out clothes for the day or buy the latest styles. My play clothes were simple, pants, maybe dungarees, and blouses. In the summer it was shorts and blouses. Comfort was key.

In Ghana I wore dresses almost exclusively. In the beginning I wore the clothes I’d brought. I most remember a lilac colored dress. I’m wearing it in several pictures. I remember wearing a skirt and blouse when I left for Ghana. After training I bought Ghanaian cloth and had a seamstress make dresses for me. I never wore my brought clothes again. I don’t remember what happened to my lilac dress. I probably gave it away. I’d like to think it had a long life. It served me well.

Right now I am wearing my uniform of sorts, a tee shirt and casual pants not fit for outside. My life has come full circle. I am back to comfort being the key.

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4 Comments on ““If you are wearing clothes that you enjoy wearing, everything you do in life becomes fun.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Usually, the first day of 100° temperature occurs here on July first. This year we beat that date by a week. Yesterday we picked up my daughter to swim and I even got into the pool. The pool water was comfortable and not at all chilly.

    For the past thirty two years I have worn a uniform of some kind to work daily. In 1990 we wore navy blazers, blue button down shirts, gray slacks, and red and blue striped ties. When we started to hire woman instructors we got rid of the coats and the ties. Our clients or students used to come to training wearing business casual wear. Now that we changed to business casual uniforms the clients are wearing flip flops, shorts, and even tank tops or tee shirts in the summer. Now we wear button down dress light blue shirts or navy blue golf shirts with black slacks. The shirts have the company logo on the right chest.

    Thank goodness that the two or three piece suit and tie is going out of fashion except among lawyers. I believe that the tie is the most useless of men’s clothing. It serves no useful purpose except to annoy the wearer. Ties should have gone out of style along with spats.

    Even airline pilot’s uniforms have become casual. Most airlines have made the hats and ties optional. The stripes on the sleeves of the suit jacket has been replaced by stripes on their epaulets and most airlines now allow the pilots to wear leather bomber jackets. Southwest Airlines started the casual uniforms with their flight attendant uniforms based on jogging cloths.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I was hot today, and it didn’t reach 80°. I put the screen on the backdoor and will do the front door tomorrow. It has gone down to the high 60’s.

      I guess we have all been accustomed to ties meaning dress up. Open collars are definitely seen as casual though Polo shirts are even more casual. I remember the days when people dressed to fly when it was more of a privilege. Now everyone flies so casual is in. I think there are times when being a bit dressy is called for. I don’t know what would be dressy for guys without a tie.

      You’re right about suits. I can’t even remember when I last saw a man wearing a suit.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Sunny hot summer day here, no rain, wearing shorts and a tank top as always. Biking with shorts is easier than with a dress.
    Henry had to be officially released from house arrest even if it happened in your garden and not in public?

    • katry Says:

      Hi Birgit,
      I can’t even remember the last time I wore a dress. No event I attend demands one. I do wear nice pants and blouses when I have to.

      I wondered the same thing, my house and my two dogs. I know it is the law which made the hospital report Henry’s biting me despite the circumstances. Maybe Henry was under house arrest because the dog officer came to my house.

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