“Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience.” 

We are still having the most delightful weather. It is already in the mid 70’s with lots of sun and a strong breeze keeping the heat at bay. It will go down to the 50’s tonight, perfect for sleeping. Tomorrow we will have welcomed rain.

I have projects for today. My small bureau needs painting, but I’m only doing the three drawer fronts in red. I’m in need of a little whimsey. I’m also going to tackle the conundrum, the domino effect, of where to move one thing to make room for another and then move another to make room for the last thing moved.

I sometimes wonder if I went back in time where would I go. Maybe I’d choose a random Saturday, jump on my bike and roam my town. I’d get to see as it was when I was young. It had a town horse barn, trains that rolled through to the factories along the tracks, a man who sharpened knives on his special bike with a whetstone and the ragman with his horse and wagon. I’d get to yell, “Johnny,” to announce the ice cream man.

Perhaps I’d go back to high school. I’d head to Brigham’s for one of our celebrations, maybe for Mardi Gras. I’d order my usual sundae, the one with chopped almonds on the top. I’d spend a dime and head to Harvard Square where I’d roam the streets the way we used to, maybe I’d even take in a movie at the Orson Well’s Cinema. If I had the money, I’d have lunch at the Wursthouse, some bratwurst or schnitzel. I’d check out the newspapers and magazines at Out of Town News. Just looking at the headlines whetted my thirst for travel.

My college stop would be one morning in the canteen. My friends and I would be sitting at the table near the wall, sort of our table. I’d be smoking a cigarette and drinking cups of coffee. We’d all be reading The Globe then having a contest to see who could finish the crossword the fastest. After classes we’d always meet up again. We laughed a lot. I remember if one of my friends was talking on and on, we’d all turn our backs. We loved the harassment.

I’d be hard-pressed to choose which of my Peace Corps days I’d go back to. I have three in mind. The first would be arriving at staging in Philadelphia, the beginning of my adventure, of the best experience of my life. I remember being nervous and excited. While standing in line to check in, I met Ralph and later Bill and Peg. The second day would be my arrival in Ghana, stepping off the plane. I was in Africa, the most amazing place. I was awed. The third could be any day, a teaching day or a market day or a day in in Accra meeting friends and walking the city. They all were favorite days.

My last stop back in time would be on a Friday night at my parent’s house. We’d all be sitting around the kitchen table drinking and playing cards. I’d spend another evening with my parents. My Uncle Jack too would be there. We’d all be laughing and loving each other’s company.

I am happy. I love my life, my friends, my cozies, my sloth days, my uke and really bad science fiction movies, but I hold dear those other days. They are part of who I am. Actually, they helped me become the me I am.

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2 Comments on ““Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    It’s another mostly sunny day with a high of 90°. Summer weather in this part of Texas can become boring. One day becomes a repeat of the previous day. We haven’t reached that time yet, there are still surprises of rain showers and thunderstorms in June.

    I don’t really want to go back in time. I wouldn’t do anything differently and I might make the mistake of changing some small thing which would would have unindented consequences on my life today or in the future.

    However, I can revisit those pleasurable events via memories. The neuroscientists tell us that every time we recall an episodic memory we change it slightly. If so, than why hasn’t the entire recollection been completely changed over time. Maybe the changed part is so small I can’t really find it. 🙂 My perception of time is what’s scary. We are at the beginning of June and it feels like New Years was only a few weeks ago. Time compression seems to increase with age. The days go faster although there are less days remaining.

    During WWII, Albert Einstein was asked by President Roosevelt to explain the theory of relativity. Einstein explained, “When you are in the company of a beautiful woman, time goes by too quickly and if you are sitting on a hot stove time goes by too slowly.”

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We will have thunder showers tonight and tomorrow. It is also expected to be chilly, especially tomorrow.

      My going back in time means reliving the events as they happened. There would be no change in the time line.

      I have an amazing memory. I remember my friend wanted directions to a spot in Boston. I closed my eyes and saw the whole route. I even told her how many traffic lights she’d have to contend with.

      I had someone explain his idea why time passes so quickly as we age. He said when we are young, like 7, each year is one seventh of our lives. Now each year is one 75th of our lives, a short, short time.

      What a wonderful description.

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