“Sometimes you need things rather than just thoughts.”

It is warm at 68° and will get even warmer, into the 70’s. The breeze is so slight the leaves dance. Everything shines in the bright light of the sun. The blue sky almost defies description. This is the perfect morning.

Today’s will be a short posting. I almost took a hiatus but, out of habit, my fingers hit the keyboard.

On my counter are the jars and cans from one cabinet shelf. In the sink are the expired cans and jars from the same shelf. I started this monumental task when I was waiting for my coffee to brew. I am sorry I started this whole mess as now I’ll have to finish. I guess the consolation is I’ll have room in the cabinet for more cans.

My den is filled with furniture, my TV, pictures, posters, my hat collection, my ukes and 12 music books, Bolga baskets, my record player and a pile of records, shelves filled with cookbooks and wooden boxes also with cookbooks but a couple of boxes are filled with my collections like snow globes, old bottles, tin toys and even clickers shaped like animals. I love this room though I suspect others would probably find it claustrophobic, but it is my space, the place where I relax, where I even take naps. I read the cookbooks some nights taking note of what I might make. I watch old movies, mostly in black and white. The dogs sleep beside me on the couch, one on each side of me. I’m leaving this room just the way it is.

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4 Comments on ““Sometimes you need things rather than just thoughts.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today we opened up the pool and the patio. My daughter came over, from her group home, to spend the holiday weekend and she was the only one of us brave enough to go in the water.

    My son is on another quest to find himself. This time he might even find what he seeks, I hope. He thinks he will like living in the Chicago area. Hopefully, he will find an apartment, a job, and only visit us on very rare Mongolian holidays. 🙂

    Each person must find their own space. My space is preferably in the family room, or den, on the reclining sofa watching my big screen TV. Tonight the Dallas Stars will try to continue on in the western conference playoffs by beating the Vegas Golden Knights on their home ice. The Stars are down three games to one. Let’s go Stars!

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I think I’d let your daughter be the only one in the pool for a while. I like pool water warmish.

      I wish you both good luck: him on moving and you on having an empty nest. Does he know anyone or anything about Chicago?

      When I was looking for a house, I wanted a downstairs bedroom so I could have a den. I’m not a fan of having a TV in the living room. My new TV is just so much bigger than my old one and has wonderful color. With my old TV, they weren’t the Red Sox but rather the orangey Sox.

      Go Stars!!

  2. Rowen Says:

    RIP, Tina Turner.

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