“There are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people.”

The sun has managed to poke through the white clouds hiding the sky. Today is a bit cooler than yesterday. It is in the 50’s. The air is still. Everything is quiet.

The new string of lights on the deck rail keeps the darkness away. The spawns ate through my last string so this time I bought two with one in reserve. The deck side and the gate look lovely. I walk outside just to see them. Around them is darkness. Close to them is light.

When I am driving at night, I am surprised by how many houses have white lights shining from their windows. Some have strings of white lights and lit bushes, and I have even seen colored lights outside a couple of houses. I think we are all looking for the light to dispel the darkness.

When I was a kid, I never realized my days were all the same from morning to bedtime. They never felt stale or repetitive even though I got up at the same time every weekday morning, ate breakfast, got dressed then left to walk to school. I’d sit at my desk through subject after subject until lunch and recess then after lunch it was back to my desk for subject after subject. I’d race home after school to have some playtime before homework and supper. I’d stay around the neighborhood. We watched a bit of TV before bed. I’d read a little in bed before I had to turn off the light. I’d sometimes sneak and read under the covers with a flashlight or the bed lamp from the headboard of my bed. I got caught but only sometimes so I always thought the peril of discovery was worth it.

Every day I got to learn new things. I was always surprised by the lunches my mother made. I remember chicken noodle soup in my thermos on cold days with a side of Saltines. The sandwiches were top notch, never PB&J. We had cookies for dessert and sometimes a Hostess goodie. I liked the chocolate cupcakes with the swirl on the frosting or Sno Balls, pink ones covered with marshmallow frosting and coconut. After school, my friends and I sometimes played in the field or the woods or even at the swamp. Other days we played games like Red Rover and Red Light, Green Light. We roller skated. We sat on the front steps and talked.

I have come to realize that days of sitting with a book or watching an old movie are fun days. They remind me of when I was young, when I wasn’t ever bored, when each day felt new even when I was doing the same things.

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