“Those who don’t jump will never fly.”

Rain is the prediction for today with a temperature only in the 40’s. The sky is gray, a darkish grey. The wind is slight. The weather will change for the rest of the week and will be in the 60’s with lots of sun. On Sunday we may even reach 70°.

Nala has changed her tactics. She doesn’t bring much out but brings in plenty. My house has twigs and chewed pieces of bark on the floor and the rug. Henry even chews a bit. The nuns would call Nala an occasion of sin.

I saw some new flowers in the front garden this morning. They are purple and look a bit like grape hyacinths

When I was a kid, this was my favorite time of year. I loved walking to school in the morning. The air was filled with the sweet smell of flowers. The birds were many and loud. The gardens had come awake and brought color to sweep away the drabness of winter. I skipped joyfully.

In grammar school, recess meant hanging around in groups and talking or sometimes jump roping. I was only an okay jump roper. I knew all the rhymes to say, and I could the turn the rope as well as anybody could, but my feet after a while always got in the way. Fast jumping was way out of my league.

I liked to play hopscotch. We used to draw the hopscotch pattern on the sidewalk with chalk. It had single and double spaces. At the start of our turns, we had to toss a rock to the right numbered square so we’d pick out rocks without many sides so they’d land and not roll. The double spaces were easy as we had to land on two feet, one in each square. The hardest part was picking up the rocks in the single squares as that meant balancing on one leg and reaching down to pick up the rock. I was good at hopscotch.

Today I’ll do the errands I didn’t do yesterday. I was just too comfortable to be out and about.

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4 Comments on ““Those who don’t jump will never fly.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    As I’ve said before we have a very short spring. Today the high temperature was 95°. There’s a chance of thunderstorms tonight. Summer here doesn’t sneak in it just explodes on the scene. Yesterday the high temperature was in the mid 80s.

    The weekend forecast is for more hot afternoons with a chance of thunderstorms every afternoon.

    In elementary school I remember the girls jumped rope and played hopscotch during recess. The boys played on the playground equipment and played kickball. When I was a little kid in Brooklyn, school girls jumped “double dutch” with two ropes. Later on “double dutch”, has become a rage in inner city neighborhoods for girls.

    So Nala has decided to bring the outside into your home instead of moving stuff outside. Maybe she filled up the backyard and decided to now go the other way? 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      OMG, We got to 54° today. Right now it is 46°. Over the weekend, Boston will hit the mid 70’s. We’ll be in the 60’s. which is warm for us this time of year. I can’t imagine 95° in early May or even mid August. I’d be pale from staying in the AC all year.

      I’m a fan of thunder storms. They are pretty common in the summer. The one we had last week was a surprise, and it was a doozy. I loved it.

      We never did hopscotch at recess. I think we couldn’t mark up the playground with chalk. We had no playground equipment except for a few basketball nets on the side of the playground. Our schoolyard was the church parking lot on Sundays. I don’t remember any one doing double Dutch. I guess it wasn’t popular around here.

      I cleaned the backyard last week so it is clear of papers and trash. She comes in with the twig in her mouth, looks at me, wags her tail and jumps on the couch. I’m fine with all of that. It is easy to clean up. If she is preoccupied with outside, she’ll leave inside alone.

      • Bob Says:

        Thunderstorms, here in tornado alley can become really bad. We get supercells which rise up to over 60,000 ft. They can produce, lighting, straight line winds greater than 50 mph, hail the size of grapefruit, and tornadoes. Give me nice steady rain showers anytime.

        Our playground consisted of hard packed dirt. I broke my wrist, a compound fracture, when I fell off the jungle gym. This of course happened when I was in the third grade.

      • katry Says:

        Our storms often have a wind so strong it whips the trees so much you’re surprised they don’t snap. I don’t remember the last time we had hail but it was definitely a long time ago. The summer rains are the steadiest of all.

        When I was three, I jumped off a fence backwards. We lived in South Boston then. Our yard was all concrete with clothes lines. We made do so off the fence I went. I also fractured my wrist, but it was a buckle fracture. I was so proud of my cast.

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