“Almost anything is edible with a dab of French mustard on it.”

Today will be mostly cloudy, setting the scene for tomorrow’s rain. The morning is chilly. The high today will be in the mid 50’s. I need to plant the pansies I bought yesterday. They are for the front pots by the steps. Being hopeful, I also bought some basil, but those plants are staying inside for the meanwhile.

I’m in one of those frenzied moods. I can’t walk from point A to point B without stopping to clean something or rearrange something else. I hate this mood. Come on, sloth!

I bought some ibuprofen. I couldn’t get the cover off. It is child protected. It is also old person’s fingers protected. I had to resort to pulling up and breaking the cap using a church key. I’ll volunteer for the group testing covers and caps for easy lift-off by arthritic fingers.

When I was a kid, clothes didn’t really matter. I didn’t need anything stylish. My kid outfit was jeans, a shirt and sneakers. The jeans were girl jeans without a fly and with a zipper hidden in the pocket. I wore flannel shirts. The sneakers were low riders. They got dirty. They stayed dirty.

I always wonder what brave people made the decisions to be the first to eat something new, something found. I know tomatoes were once considered poisonous, but someone threw caution to the wind and ate them anyway and didn’t die. When I was 5 and my brother 4, we explored the woods and fields near the house to which we had just moved from South Boston. We were used to concrete and brick, not trees and flowers. We came across a bush with red berries. My brother decided to try a couple. I was leery so I didn’t. When my brother started to complain about his stomach, we went home. I told my parents about the berries he’d eaten. They rushed him to the hospital where he had his stomach pumped.

My yard is filled with Nala trash so today will be clean-up day. It will be plant the pansies’ day. I need to change a dead floodlight in the back yard lights off the deck so today is change the bulb day. Two days in a row being busy is a new record for me.

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4 Comments on ““Almost anything is edible with a dab of French mustard on it.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today is windy and the clouds are just now breaking up. We’re looking at a high of 75°.

    When I was a kid I wasn’t interested in what I wore. When I became a teenager I started to care because girls became more important. 🙂

    I also wonder who was the first person in Europe to eat a tomato. Maybe, the Italians tried it first. I think in the new world the natives knew they were delicious and told the Spanish Conquistadores they were poisonous for spite. 🙂 I assume when you are hungry enough you will eat anything and take your chances. Imagine a caveman telling the tribe, “Tell Harry to try that pineapple.” If Harry survived, man discovered pineapple. In the case of pineapple someone must have first broken it over Harry’s head and then discovered the interior fruit. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      The day got colder. I went inside after planting. The trash is left for another day, but not tomorrow. That is when it will rain.

      Kids today seem far more interested in style than we ever were. They need name brands. I never cared until I was older. When I was working, I bought new clothes all the time. Now I wear my favorites, mostly my nameless favorites.

      The idea that tomatoes were poisonous came when aristocrats died after eating tomatoes. Come to find out, the lead on their pewter plates bled into the acidic tomatoes.

      The pineapple looks scary with all its points. Kudos to whoever decided to peel and eat.

  2. Birgit Says:

    I’m glad that the spring cleaning bug hasn’t caught me yet 🙂
    I still don’t really care for clothes, some pieces are decades old and still fit. No diet, just luck. Recently I read that people buy more and more clothes and throw them away soon after. Apart from the fact that I hate shopping clothes and also hate to throw things away, it’s just a crazy waste of resources and money.
    Bike ride to a nearby nature reserve today, partly sunny, partly cloudy.

    • katry Says:

      Luckily that bug is hit or miss. I think the success of all yesterday’s errands went to my head. I even dusted a bit but only a bit.

      I also no longer care about clothes. I care for comfort. I don’t throw much way so my house is filled with this and that.

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