“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”

Rain started yesterday afternoon and continued into the night. Today will be cloudy and chilly with a high in the 40’s, maybe even the low 50’s. I’ll stay close to hearth and home. I’m thinking a nap nestled under warm covers might be the best way to pass the afternoon.

When I was a kid, afternoons were sacred. During the school year, they were the times of day I got to play or bike ride. They were so short in winter I’d change into my play clothes as soon as I got home from school and bolt out the door. When I was young, I stayed in the neighborhood where we had woods for exploring and fields for catching grasshoppers. When I was older, I went further afield but always kept in mind I had to be home when the streetlights came on. In the darkening late afternoon, I did any homework I might have had. Usually I had a few work sheets or a story to read and questions to answer. Dinner wasn’t much later than that.

The kitchen in the duplex where we lived was small and narrow. Counter space, though on both sides of the sink, was limited, and one side was only big enough for the dish rack. The other side was where the turtle’s bowl was tucked below a couple of cabinets. The stove was on the opposite wall from the fridge. Both of them were small. The backdoor was to the left of the fridge. I can still see battered pans on the stove filled with potatoes and veggies for dinner and my mother standing at the sink washing dishes. I used to do my homework at the kitchen table.

When I was looking to buy a house, I wanted a dining room, and I wanted a downstairs bedroom for a den. I got both. When I have guests for dinner, I love to decorate the dining room table. Mostly I have pottery dishes. I like the den for watching TV instead of having one in the living room. The den is for leisure. The living room is for company and the Christmas tree.

I am wearing my cozies. I am happy and comfortable. It is enough.

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