“That is one good thing about this world … There are always sure to be more springs.”

The rain started last night and continues this morning. It is a light rain, a stick your hand out to check rain. The paws prints are back on the kitchen floor.

The forsythia has bloomed in the front garden. It is a brilliant yellow and the brightest spot in the yard. It screams spring.

During winter, I perfect the sloth in me. I sleep late, leave my bed unmade and graze instead of cooking anything, even an egg. My car gathers dust. The laundry overflows into frightening piles. I almost expect to see it rise from the basket. I wear cozies all day and hope for an empty dance card. My slippers get worn and filled with holes around the big toes. I only go outside for the mail and the morning papers.

For me, spring is more than the calendar. I want a few warm days in a row, color in the garden, the morning songs of birds and fresh air through open windows. This last week I checked all the boxes and declared that spring has finally arrived.

I find I have energy brought by the changing season. I clean a bit and even make my bed. The laundry is down here, one floor away from the washing machine. The basket isn’t even filled. It’s a wonder.

Bill, Peg and I ate breakfast and lunch on the deck. It was the first deck excursion of the season. Nala found shade under the big wooden chair and fell asleep. Henry slept in the open. We sat and talked until the afternoon started to get a little chilly.

I have a winter coat. I didn’t wear it once this winter. I wore my sweatshirts, my hoodies, my fleece or my thick sweater.

When I was a kid, I had a spring jacket. I could barely wait to wear it. I was impatient for the weather to be warm on a spring-like day. I’d even try to get away with wearing it on a cold day, a winter coat day, but my mother always caught me before I could sneak out the door to school. She was right, but that didn’t make me happy.

Today I’ll make my jollof rice, grab my small Ghanaian flag to use as a garnish of sorts and wear clothes made in Bolga by a seamstress in the market. Today I’ll celebrate with other returned Peace Corps volunteers. We have a camaraderie born by shared experiences no matter where we served, no matter the country. I am looking forward to this afternoon. I don’t even mind cooking, getting dressed, or going out. It is, after all, spring.

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4 Comments on ““That is one good thing about this world … There are always sure to be more springs.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was another beautiful day. We had sunny skies, a light breeze, and a high temperature of 73°.

    This past week has been a glorious spring week. We had no severe storms nor any rain. This is unusual for April in North Texas. I’ll take it anytime. Hopefully we will get more rain next month which historically has been the wettest month of the year. If we don’t get the rain next month we will be in deep kimchi come June, July, and August. That’s when the gates of hell open up. 🙂 It’s the hot dry summertime.

    The past couple of summers have been affected by La Niña conditions in the central Pacific waters. La Niña here means summers that are cooler than normal and wetter than normal. By July we will be in an El Niño conditions which here are manifested by warmer and dryer than normal conditions. Just what we need here in the summer.

    We also had a warmer and drier winter, thanks to La Niña in North Texas. I only wore my leather bomber jacket a few times and wore my light jacket with a sweater the rest of the time. This year we had some sleet but mild temperatures and almost no snow.

    I attribute the warmer conditions to global warming as the world’s scientists are reporting. Unfortunately, almost non of my colleagues at work believe that humans can affect the climate. One coworker told me that, “God would never allow humans to change his creation”. I work with lots of right wing MAGA nut jobs. I don’t bring up anything controversial at the office, it’s not worth my time or effort. Texas is a deeply red state with several purple islands composed of the large cities. Mainly Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. Ft. Worth is more of a shade of magenta. After all that’s where the west begins according to the city’s motto.

    I spend a lot of time in my home office enjoying my books, my TV, and my piles of stuff. My spouse just remarked that I need to clean up the mess and organize my stacks of crap on the desk. It bothers her more than it bothers me. Another project for a rainy weekend afternoon in May.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We stayed cloudy in the 50’s today, and the rain stopped early.Tomorrow will be a copy of today with showers and a temperature in the 50’s.

      The weather this week was warm and lovely. I was glad Bill and Peg chose this week to visit. I took them to see the mega-mansions in Osterville. They are far back from the road right on the water. I can’t imagine what they must pay in taxes. My friends were amazed.

      No time of year here is wetter than any other time. We had plenty of winter rain which mitigated the drought we had. We never have temperatures as high as the ones you get in the summer, no where around here does.

      Some summers are wetter than other summers. We won’t know until we are into summer. I remember the summer it was still so cold in July we were wearing sweatshirts.

      We also had almost no snow this winter. One storm left and inch and another about a half inch. It was a strange winter.

      I read an article about the changing weather and height of the ocean because of global warming. It predicted that the northeast will become the new Florida.

      My den is similar to your office.

      I love my blue state!

      • Bob Says:

        I would love to find a “Blue” state where I can do my job. We have one in New Jersey and one in Minneapolis, but both are in cold country and are expensive places to live. Besides, I work in an industry with lots of right wing MAGA types. My former counterpart in New Jersey loves Trump and Brexit. He has transferred to Orlando where he can be close to where his hero lives. 🙂 It’s just not living in Texas, because the hidden bigots, MAGA nuts, and racists are everywhere.

      • katry Says:

        They are here too, but they tend to run scared of being caught so they hide. You just happen to live in one of the worse red states so I understand your wish to live blue.

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