“She held out her hand and we sat there together like grade-school kids on a field trip. “Line up in twos and no talking.” Life itself is a peculiar outing. Sometimes I still feel like I need a note from my mother.” 

Today is cloudy and cooler than I expected. The prediction is for sun, but nobody told the sun. The wind is only now and then but still strong enough to whip the tall branches. I have a short to-do list. The big item on the list is buying canned dog food and dog treats. I also need to vacuum the hall littered with pieces of bark from the pine tree twig Nala brought inside this morning.

Not much is happening around here. It is quiet on my street. Not even a dog is barking, not even Henry who is having his morning nap upstairs on my bed. Nala is here on the couch.

I didn’t have deck movies last summer, but I’m ready for this summer. I bought a few black and white science fiction movies from the 50’s and a couple of classics, including Gunga Din and Casablanca. I have three choices for July 4th: 1776, Independence Day and, my favorite, Jaws. The ballots will go out in the mail.

When I was a kid, just before the end of the school bell rang, we’d put our books away then stand by the door in twos to go out. The nuns seemed to be enamored with twos. We walked into school in the morning in twos. We walked in after recess in twos, and we walked out at the end of the day in twos. The only exception to the rule of two was when we waited in a single line for our turns in the bathroom.

I have some Peeps. I opened the packages and put the yellow chicks in the kitchen bookcase so the air will harden them. They need to be so hard they don’t mush but rather make a banging noise on a hard surface. My love for hard Peeps started when I was in Ghana. My mother sent a package for Easter. It took two or three months to get to me. By then the Peeps were almost as hard as a rock. They made my teeth work. They still make my teeth work. I just have to practice patience.

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4 Comments on ““She held out her hand and we sat there together like grade-school kids on a field trip. “Line up in twos and no talking.” Life itself is a peculiar outing. Sometimes I still feel like I need a note from my mother.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    We’re up to 73° under a beautiful clear blue sky. This morning the cold front brought rain and thunderstorms through the Metroplex. They cleared up quickly.

    This afternoon, my yard guys are cleaning up everything in both the front and backyard that didn’t make it through the winter. Also, they are trimming my two oak trees in the front. Two years ago we paid them nearly half as much to do nearly the same cleanup job. What can you do, it’s Inflation.

    When I was in junior high in New York City, we also had to line up in twos to enter the building. Lining up in lines of two’s must be a teacher thing and nonsectarian. 🙂

    When I was a kid, and even now, my favorite Easter candy is chocolate rabbits. As I recall, they used to be solid chocolate but now they are all hollow. 🙁 My favorite choice today are the Carmel filled Cadbury chocolate Easter eggs. You can keep all the peeps you want including any jelly beans.

    My least favorite Jewish holiday is Passover. I’m not a fan of any flavor of matzos, but the ones made especially for the holiday are even more tasteless. Also, both my daughter and I were born on the same day, April 12th, and it always falls during Passover. An unleavened birthday cake is no fun. I don’t need unleavened bread to remind me that we were once slaves unto Pharaoh.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I was surprised by how cold it felt. I didn’t wear my sweatshirt and should have. Rain is maybe for tomorrow.

      One half of my lawn turned mossy. I figured it is green, and that’s enough for me. I do like the yard cleaned and mulch put down in the gardens. They’ll blow the deck clear as well. It also needs to be power washed.

      I figure twos are easier to handle.

      You can still buy solid chocolate rabbits. I always do. The hollow ones are such a let down. I also prefer caramel filled Cadbury chocolate eggs. The ones with the white and the yoke always seem a bit too sweet. I love Jelly Belly beans. The other ones, the big ones, all taste the same despite the different colors. Jelly Bellies have great flavors.

      I like the chocolate covered matzos a friend always makes. I even buy a box or two. I sometimes use them like Saltines.

      People give up stuff for lent. Many give up sweets so good luck too them if their birthdays fall during that time.

      • Bob Says:

        I will have to look for the solid chocolate rabbits this year. The yellow and white filled Cadbury eggs are good but they always drip all over my shirt.

        Ah, Jelly Bellies are a pleasure way beyond those other cheap Jelly Beans. They are just amazing. The only thing about them that I don’t like is that they were favorites of President Ronald Reagan. 🙁

      • katry Says:

        Russell Stover makes all sizes of solid bunnies. Dove also makes them. I’m sure there are more, but I just remember those two.

        One Christmas my mother bought me the Jelly Belly machine which looks like a gumball machine and also takes money. Right now it is sort of filled with Jelly Bellies. I keep grabbing a handful. They taste so good. I love the licorice, coconut and root beer.

        Regan is a saint combined to tRump.

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