Layla: Derek And The Dominoes

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4 Comments on “Layla: Derek And The Dominoes”

  1. hedley Says:

    With the recent death of Jim Gordon it brought up again the whole issue of the piano coda for Layla.
    The story was that the song had been recorded but Clapton hear Gordon , who drummed on the album playing a piano piece. and persuaded Tom Dowd to go back and redo the song with the coda added.. Pattie Boyd , the target of Layla put it down to the genius of Clapton and Clapton and Gordon got the song writing credit.

    But there was a problem, at the time Gordon was dating Rita Coolidge and a year earlier she had written the piano piece, at the time Clapton Gordon and Coolidge were involved with Delany and Bonnie

    So what happened ?
    Coolidge never got credit for the song or any of the associated royalties nor did she sue
    Gordon murdered his Mother and spent the rest of his days in the California Correctional Facility
    And a song came out by Rita Coolidge called Time

    • katry Says:

      I always appreciate the back stories you know about so many singers and groups. They add a huge dimension to the posting.

      Your information about this song sent me hunting for more. Gordon had also assaulted Coolidge who did not press charges but she had the court issued a restraining order against him. That broke them up.

      Gordons drumming was nonpareil from what I read.

      • hedley Says:

        Interestingly Clapton has never responded to Rita Coolidge’s claims that the piano piece was hers.
        It is certainly arguable that “Layla” was just another song without the Coda.

        I did like the image of the lady walking past “Clapton is God” on the link. As a kid/young man is was daubed all over London walls viaducts you get the picture. Clapton was heroin missing to return at The Rainbow which became the somewhat lackluster “Eric Clapton’s Rainbow Concert” and the recordings began again.

      • katry Says:

        I suspect it was a smart move not to acknowledge or respond to Rita Coolidge’s claims.

        I didn’t know to what “Clapton is God” was referring. Now I know!

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