Where Do I Go to Throw a Picture Away: Jim Reeves

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2 Comments on “Where Do I Go to Throw a Picture Away: Jim Reeves”

  1. Hedley Says:

    Gosh, what an interesting post today Kat, I hadn’t thought about Jim Reeves in for ever. As the BBC tried to stem the onslaught of new music we were bombarded with acceptable songs most specifically “I love you because”. Jim here, Jim there, Jim Reeves everywhere.
    But it was all too late, Radio Caroline had started broadcasting outside territorial waters and Radio London was not far behind. We quickly migrated to the Pirates and ignored the Beep trying to dictate our options.
    Brought back never nice memories of Jim Reeves and his spotlight around 1964

    • katry Says:

      I think this is the first Jim Reeves I have posted in years or even ever. You’re right about this being an acceptable song compared with the music played by your pirates! Sorry about the glut of Jim Reeves you had to endure!

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