“The gull sees farthest who flies highest.”

The morning is lovely. Out my den window I can see a brilliant sun, a brighter sun than we’ve seen, and a cloudless blue sky. What I can’t see is the cold. It is only 36°. I gasped a little when I went to get the papers.

When I was a kid, winter was fun. Snow was fun. I never really noticed how cold it was even when my lips turned blue. I hated wearing a hat, but I didn’t mind mittens. My mother made me layer. On the first warmish day I’d beg to wear lighter clothes. That never worked. She always made me layer anyway.

I had a bit of a scare this morning, thanks to Miss Nala, not a surprise I suspect. I hadn’t seen Nala in a while. She wasn’t on the couch, her usual morning nap spot, so I went outside to check the yard. No Nala lying in the sun. That scared me even though I knew she couldn’t escape the yard. I called and called. My voice got panicky. I came inside to check upstairs. Right away I noticed the gate across Jack’s door was leaning in the doorway. Nala was inside the room. She got in, but she couldn’t get out. Nabbed! She had eaten Jack’s food, licked the empty cans clean and left a trash mess for me.

The dogs are conspiring against me. I found both sets of name plates and town licenses on the floor the same day. Coincidence? I think not.

My father used to love the dump. My friends would come down for the weekend, and he’d take them there as if it were part of a tour of Cape Cod. My father pointed out the highlights like the seagulls circling the high piles of trash and other gulls at the top of the trash mountains picking out morsels. The dump was noisy back then. Gulls cried and squealed from overhead. It was a spectacle. My father would hate the dump now with its recycle bins and trash bins. There are no seagulls.

Today is my dump day.

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2 Comments on ““The gull sees farthest who flies highest.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today is partly cloudy with low of 33° this morning and a predicted high of 54°. We just barely avoided a freeze.

    Taking visitors on a tour of the city dump is an interesting example of showing them both the beautiful and the not so beautiful parts of the cape. 🙂

    Whenever you can’t find Nala just think like a dog. Think, where’s food. Anywhere there’s food she will find it and try to eat it. One of my father’s friends had a huge Great Dane, male dog, named, Moose. Moose was in the back of his station wagon along with several boxes of frozen solid spare ribs. The friend had picked them up from a wholesale butcher and was delivering them to my father’s house where they were going to be defrosted and then smoked. While unloading the boxes we discovered Moose had torn into a corner of one box and nearly reached the wrapped slabs of frozen ribs. Dogs can smell food even if it’s frozen solid. Think with your nose like a dog. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      The dump was a small town dump off a town road which led only to that dump. You could see the dump from the highway. The seagulls were a dead giveaway.

      Each town on the cape has its own dump even now as no towns on the cape have trash pick-up. You have to pay a private company. The dumps are quite organized and clean now. No seagulls.

      I figured I had secured the gate so I didn’t look in Jack’s room. Nala had jumped over the gate which was then hanging a bit from the door jam compliments of Nala but, because of the angle of the gate, she couldn’t jump back over.

      I would never put dogs and food together in the back seat. Any dog would have been tempted by those ribs. He is lucky he saved his ribs and maybe even the dog as ribs can be harmful to dogs because they spinter.

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