While I Shovel The Snow: The Walkmen

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2 Comments on “While I Shovel The Snow: The Walkmen”

  1. hedley Says:

    SE Michigan, the home of Mr and Mrs MDH got absolutely blasted with ice yesterday. Right now they estimate that there are 770,000 homes without power and no timetable for restoration other than they hope it is before Sunday for most folks

    Unbelievably, our World HQ kept power. Completely inconsistent with all past disturbances but there you go. Ur beautiful new granddaughter has “moved” to our home for a while so a double bonus for us

    • katry Says:

      So many places without electricity is horrific. Not that many years back, I was without electricity for so long my house got down to 37°. The dog, cat and I huddled. It was as cold as my house ever got in a storm.

      I am so glad you didn’t lose electricity.

      What a wonderful guest who will, of course, be spoiled, by her grandfather!!

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