“I’d rather have a hot dog than caviar.”

Winter is back. Last night it rained, but sometime during the night we got a bit of snow, and I mean only a bit, not even a dusting. The morning is cold, 30°, but it is a pretty morning. White clouds dot the blue sky, an every now and then breeze blows gently and we have sun, bright sun.

My dance card is still empty. I have been a sloth of late, but I make no apologies. Today, though, I have one chore. My kitchen floor is a mess. The tile has paw prints leading from the door to the hall, evidence of yesterday’s rain, and bits of pine bark litter the floor. Nala’s new obsession is chewing pine branches. Instead of bringing stuff out, Nala brings them in. I guess it is an improvement.

When I was a kid, Saturday was Creature Double Feature Day. I got to watch two wonderfully bad B-science fiction movies in black and white. They became my favorites. I liked the worst the best. I still do. My movie library is filled with films like The Brain Eaters, Attack of the Crab Monsters and the best of them all, The Thing with Two Heads. That one is not to be missed.

Last night I had hot dogs for dinner, a day early. I didn’t have beans. I never have beans. I also didn’t have brown bread but only because I never thought to buy it. I always loved the fried brown bread slathered with butter, but then again, I love anything slathered with butter. I do have a couple of hot dogs left for tonight and two top loading buns. I just wish I had cole slaw.

Where I lived in Ghana, I could buy beef in the market. The butchers would cut me a fillet and wrap it in banana leaves. The butchers were clad in filthy aprons. I don’t think the cutting surfaces were ever cleaned, but I didn’t care. I had stopped being finicky sometime during training. If my food had bugs, I’d pick the bugs out. If I missed a bug, no big deal. It was added protein.

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2 Comments on ““I’d rather have a hot dog than caviar.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was mostly overcast with high clouds and a high temperature of only 53°. Tomorrow the sun should shine with a high of 67°. Monday’s high temperature should hit 80°. Even here in Texas 80° in February is nuts.

    Last night I had smoked sausages on sauerkraut with baked beans. My better half found them in the grocery store marked down and they are from a barbecue chain called, “Dickies”. They were excellent. I wish I could find those split top hot dog buns like the ones that, “Fenway Franks” are served. I have had hot dogs in several ball parks and arenas around the country, but the ones I ate in Fenway Park over 25 years ago were memorable and delicious.

    Most of us in the first world are both clean freaks and germaphobes. In less developed places hygiene and cleanliness is not that important. However, the people living in those places develop intestinal bacteria that keep them well. When we travel to those places we sometimes get sick until the flora in our intestinal track becomes accustomed to the local bacteria. Sometimes it’s called travelers diarrhea or the “Aztec two step”, when returning from a trip across our southern border. 🙂

  2. katry Says:

    Hi Bob,
    Today was cold because of the wind. I was just going to wear by long sleeve shirt, but after I walked outside, I went back for a jacket.

    We are also warm for this time of year. We should be in the 30s, but we’ve been spoiled by warmish days. People are bitching about the cold of the 30s forgetting that we should be expecting that cold.

    Around these parts, we only use the top split hot dog buns not only for hot dogs but for lobster salad and even fried clams. I bought some hot dogs and buns the other day. It was a smallish store but it had 4 or 5 choices on those top split buns. For other than top split, there was only one choice. I guess that is for tourists.

    In Ghana, my students took two bucket baths a day, one in the morning and the other in the evening. They were cleaner than I was. In the villages, though, water is less available so fewer baths and less washing of clothes.

    Every time I go back to Ghana, during the first days, I have to run to the toilet!! During my Peace Corps days, I was sick with diarrhea during my first year until my body got used to the food and the water.

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