“Commas, like nuns, often travel in pairs.”

Cold doesn’t describe today. Frigid gets closer. Right now it is 21°. Add the wind and the temperature drops to a single digit, 7°. Tonight the high will be 14° and the low-7. I got my papers and yesterday’s mail this morning, and I can attest to the cold. I doubt there are enough layers to keep me warm so I have no intention of going out today. I won’t even get dressed. I may have to bake some brownies or something else sweet as I have nothing in the house. Chocolate would make today near perfect.

Yesterday afternoon I toyed with a nap. I put my book and glasses on the table and settled on the couch. I think I drifted off then I heard a noise. I checked. There she was, Miss Nala, looking at me with my glasses in her mouth and a proud look on her face. I asked her to drop it, which she sometimes does, and I mentioned a treat, but she ran out the backdoor. A few minutes later Nala came in for her treat, no glasses in her mouth. By then it was getting dark so I took my lantern and went outside. I held it close to the deck and hunted. I found my glasses in a small drift of snow. The only damage is one ear piece bent a bit. I know you’re probably thinking why did I put them where the queen of felonies could steal them. The glasses have always been put on that on the table. We’re talking years. I have no inkling as to why she steals what she steals except for the food. She found my carefully hidden stash of animal crackers. I am still devastated.

When I was a kid, I went to St. Patrick’s Grammar School from grades one to eight. I remember two teachers more than others. The first was my sixth grade teacher, Miss Quilter. She made everything come alive. She made me want to be the best I could be. The other was Sister Hildegard. She was my eighth grade teacher. She should have been retired. I used to leave school a few hours early. I never sneaked out but always told her where I was going. She’d wave her hand in dismissal, and I was gone usually with my friend Jimmy. Sister Hildegard did not enjoy my classmates and me. She accused of collusion with the devil. She used to say when we graduated she’d write across the backboard in giant letters, “Thank God they’re gone.”

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