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  1. katry Says:

    Terri Guillemets quote

  2. J Says:

    Your AP photo of Phil is from 1980! I thought it was earlier.
    “Jim Means holds up a sleepy Puxsutawney Phil at daybreak on Feb. 2, 1980. The groundhog’s ‘Inner Circle’ dresses the same today.”

    There’s a really good article on Salon.com that is one of the rare media stories that goes into it”s cross-quarter day origins, and why 2 Feb is really the first day of spring.I finally have an ally! Worth reading.
    Many people begin to feel better now–the day is getting longer at each end, and the sun at noon is climbing higher north each day. Now we wait to June 21, when it all starts over again… the long slow slide back into darkness…

    • katry Says:

      I found several older pictures, but they pretty much looked like this one. They do have that dress code.

      In February we add three minutes of daylight each day, but I think in the cold and snow we forget that spring gets closer every day.

      Spring would have a terrible reputation here in New England if it started on February 2. Here on the cape we pretty much skip pass spring into summer because of the water.

      I will ignore June 21 for now.

  3. J Says:

    I grew up in southern New England; now I’m further north. That’s why the ol’ witches’ calendar does me such good. “3 minutes a day” is 20 minutes a week! Noticeable enlightenment!!
    When I see spring start 2 Feb, I’m fully enjoying the season by late April, and I’m primed for summer’s start on May Day (which is the calendrical alter-point to Halloween–the first day of winter)
    Please take 4 minutes to read the Salon article. It too is ….enlightening

    • katry Says:

      I was stuck thinking about 3 minutes a day taking forever, but you have given me a better perspective, 20 minutes a week. Wow!!

      Spring skips the cape. The ocean which gives us a magnificent fall keeps us in winter far longer than the rest of the state. I used to go north to visit my parents. I’d see buds on the trees then baby leaves while our trees here were still stark and wintry. Once in a while we do get a nice late April but the nice spring days won’t appear until the middle of May.

      I could use some enlightenment!

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