“Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.”

The snow lasted about 20 minutes this morning. It was wet and heavy and had started sticking to the ground just before it stopped. Real winter has reared its ugly head. We’ll have mid to low 30’s during the day and the twenties and lower at night until the weekend. That is when winter truly bursts onto the scene and freezes us all. At night, on Friday, it will get down to 10°, Saturday 6° and Sunday 15°. The weird day is Sunday. It will be in the 40’s during the day before it plummets to the teens. My plans for the weekend will be to stay home and stay warm. I may even have dinner delivered. I’m thinking Chinese.

Hooray! Today is graduation day. I had my last PT this morning, mostly measurements of the finger, sort of the final exam. I have been a bit frustrated by the slowness of the changes. The finger tip still dips and the finger periodically swells. My PT person kept telling me that the bite was horrific, and the finger was massively damaged so it will take time, up to a year my surgeon told me. My PT person is pleased with the progress. I expect I should be too. All this started 4 months ago.

When I was a young teen, my brother and I were in a car with friends. We drove by a policeman sitting in his car. My brother told me to bark out the window. I didn’t know why, but it seemed innocent enough, maybe be even a joke. It wasn’t. The cop chased our car with blue lights blinking. He wanted to know who barked. “I did.” I got a lecture about respect to police and how lucky I was not to be arrested. For barking out the window? Come to find out this policeman had killed a dog which he thought was attacking him. My brother knew it. He set me up.

When I was still working, I was driving home one night from a meeting. A police car was behind me. As I turned into the street, he turned his lights on and followed me home as it was just around the corner. I was flabbergasted. I hadn’t been speeding. He pulled behind me. I could see my neighbors peeking through their curtains. The police office got out and came to the car. I rolled down the window. “Hi, Miss Ryan.” It was one of my former students who thought he’d say hi.

Since I started writing this, the day has darkened. Nothing is moving, not even the smallest branch. It is really cold. I’m glad to be home.

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2 Comments on ““Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was miserable with thunder sleet and freezing rain. Tomorrow should be even worse with more freezing precipitation. The roads are terrible. We won’t go above freezing until Thursday morning. The power has stayed on so far. I have my fingers crossed.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I so hope you keep you electricity. Even the worse weather can be accepted if you have a wam house, a working stove, a TV and movies. Your weather was worse than mine. The snow was gone in no time. It stayed in the mid- 30’s until later tonight when it dropped to the low 20’s. We have te most this weekend. It could get to -7.

      I hope all stays well with you. Be careful on the roads if you need to be somewhere.

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