“As if things weren’t bad enough, now I’ve been abducted by aliens.”

Today is warm, actually 50° warm. The wind, though, is chilly. I had PT earlier and after PT I had to stop for animal food which is why I am so late. I only have one more PT session left which means my dog injured finger, think bitten, may permanently look like a dowsing rod.

Similar to figuring out the age of a tree from the rings is finding the age of the old person from the winter layers. Today I wore my flannel shirt. That was it for upper warmth. One lady had on a heavy shirt, a hooded sweat shirt, a down jacket, a scarf covering the bottom part of her face and a hat pulled down over her eyes. In the old days, she would have been a bank robber or a train robber hiding her identity.

Nala didn’t come inside right away yesterday morning. I knew exactly what that meant so I went on the deck to check. Yup, she had a flopping spawn in her mouth as she was running about the yard. I turned around and went back into the house. I have learned she will run a while, get tired of it and come inside. That’s what happened, but later it was Henry who didn’t come inside. That hasn’t happened before. Yup, he had the now headless spawn. I put him and Nala into house then threw the spawn in the brush outside the fence. Nala’s yard trash is getting far more complicated.

When I was in Ghana, Patrick, another volunteer, and I went into town to see a movie. We got the roof seats, the expensive seats. Think Green Monster. We ordered kebabs hoping for beef and not liver. The server first brought up soap, a bowl of water and towels as it was customary to wash your hands before eating. She brought up the meat. We got liver. The movie came next. It was Bollywood singing throughout the whole film. But it is the ride home which is the climax of this story. We each had our own motos. Patrick was ahead of me. It was night. I kept looking at the sky and the stars as I drove. They were always mesmerizing. When I looked at the road again, Patrick was gone. The road was straight for miles so I would have seen his bike lights. No lights. No Partick. My mind reeled. I went first to aliens though I should have seen their landing lights. I stopped to check the fields, but they were down to dirt, no crops, no Patrick. The stars were so bright you could read by them. Patrick was gone. I didn’t know what to do. How do I explain the missing Patrick? I heard a noise, “Hello, Hello.” I followed the sound. I found Patrick. He and his moto had fallen into a hole, deep enough to hide them, in the middle of the road. I helped him out. The moto was fine and so was Pat. I was disappointed. Finding him had ruined a potentially great story.

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2 Comments on ““As if things weren’t bad enough, now I’ve been abducted by aliens.””

  1. Birgit Says:

    Better a headless spawn than a headless Patrick 🙂 A great story with a happy ending nevertheless. Good night!

    • katry Says:

      Henry surprised the heck to of me. He has never before bothered with Nala and her prizes.

      It did have a happy ending. I was shocked that the hole was unmarked and so deep. I am glad Pat was ahead of me.

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