“Deep black, brown, and gray cloud banks were shifting across the sky like tumbleweed across the plains.”

A while ago I swear I saw the sun behind a bank of clouds, but I was hesitant to believe my eyes so I went back to my coffee and papers. When I looked later, a bit of blue sky was poking through the grey. I wanted to dance in the street, but I’m glad I didn’t because the clouds are back, darker than before, and the wind is stronger. Nothing is left of the blue. The day is cold at 39°, but the wind makes it feel so much colder. I have uke practice tonight. Bundling will be in order before I hit the elements.

The forecast for today is partly cloudy though fully cloudy would be more accurate as the clouds have taken up permanent residence. My mood is even starting to resemble a cloudy day. I need sun.

This morning when I was going back into the house I stopped short at the front garden, startled by what I noticed. I saw green shoots. On the left side of the garden, the shoots are an inch or more above the ground. The ones on the right are a bit taller. All this winter warmth has beguiled Mother Nature.

The dogs are restless. They have been on and off the couch and back and forth outside. Henry is sitting at the front door watching for shadows. He is barking, of course. Nala is looking out the den window, her window, the one with the nose prints. I have no idea what occupies her attention as there is no one next door at the rental, and the spawns have not been around of late. Maybe she is just hoping.

My favorite cake is chocolate. I like it with chocolate frosting. Spice cake is not so common, but I’m a fan even though It has almost been forever since I last had a slice of one. I don’t like cake and ice cream together. I never have. The cake looks gross once the melting ice cream hits it, and, once it does, the ice cream gets crummy. Lemon is a favorite, even a lemon donut. Lemon meringue pie is heavenly.

Sun just won’t be enough for me. I think I’m needing chocolate in any form. I’ll also take lemon in a pinch.

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4 Comments on ““Deep black, brown, and gray cloud banks were shifting across the sky like tumbleweed across the plains.””

  1. hedley Says:

    Here in Michigan we have run through January with basically no snow. I think this has left the local news stations devoid of any worthwhile material. So it has been announced that tomorrow will be a snow event, bad roads, and get your snow blowers ready.

    Of course the skies are blue, there is no obvious sign we are gonna get walloped but who the heck knows.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      No snow here either. We had a dusting in December, and that’s it. We will get rain in the next couple of days. Gee, what a surprise.

      No blue skies here at all.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Here we had a good rain event this morning and the sun peeked through the clouds for a short period of time. The temperature should hit a high of 49° and I’m still awaiting the chance of snow flurries.

    My favorite cake is and always will be chocolate cake with chocolate icing or frosting. Any other cake is secondary at best. Spice cake, or spiced cookies or spiced anything else wouldn’t even be on my list. An exception might be strawberry shortcake, preferably with fresh strawberries, and with lots of whipped cream.

    A local creamery and ice cream store used to make chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks. They don’t make it any longer, instead substituting mint or vanilla with chocolate chips, or mocha with chocolate chips. 🙁 When I have a chocolate ice cream yearning, I want a full shot of chocolate with as much chocolate as I can eat. I will order a chocolate ice cream sundae with hot fudge sauce and plenty of whipped cream. What a way to go as the cholesterol surges through my heart. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We had no sun at all after that short break in the clouds. I stayed home all day and did little. No sun for days is dreary.

      The wind made it quite the cold day, and now it is already even colder, in the low 30’s. I’m almost ready for snuggling under the covers and reading.

      Too bad you live so far away as I make a superb chocolate cake. It is double layered with a ganache like frosting.

      One of my former students owns an ie cream co many. They have their ow stores and are also now in a coupe of stores. My favorites are their coconut and chocolate chip with those chunks you mentioned. I did have a coffee chip craze for a while.

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