“Soup is cozy.” 

Today is sunny and in the low 40’s, but it still feels raw and cold. I fell asleep on the couch last night. Both dogs joined me and were still with me when I woke up this morning. All the lamps were lit and the back door was open. It was 11:20. I jumped up, went and brushed my teeth, got dressed and left right away for PT at noon in Orleans. I was early.

Nala has been coming in from the yard with dog food cans in her mouth. So far the number is 4. The yard also has all sorts of paper trash strew about the area nearest the deck. On my to do list is to grab the prisoner stick and clean the backyard before the villagers attack. I’m envisioning screaming neighbors carrying lit bundles of sticks standing in front of the house yelling, “Clean that yard. Clean that yard.”

Last night I went out on the deck. It was slushy and getting icy. Given my track record, I held on to the railings. I was on the hunt for one of my new Christmas pillows which had gone missing from the storage bag. From my vantage point, I saw it among the backyard trees and decided to get it. Nala saw me move and ran back toward where she had dropped it, but I distracted her and beat her to the pillow. It was a bit dirty but cleaned well. I’m putting it and all the other Christmas pillows down cellar today. I just hope this pillow is the last of Nala’s Christmas victims.

I get in the mood for certain foods when my larder is mostly empty so I think about ordering delivery. Three weeks ago I had an Italian sub, and it was exactly what I wanted. I knew that at the first bite. The other day I ordered Chinese food. It was perfect that day but less perfect the next one when I had leftovers. Today I’m thinking something hot for supper, maybe even soup. I think about holding a warm bowl of soup with steam escaping from the middle. I think about hands warned by the soup hot bowl. I also think about Saltines.

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  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Last night the real Dallas Cowboys showed up in Tampa and they beat Tom Brady for the first time in nine meetings.

    Today the sky was partly cloudy with a high temperature of 79°.

    Last night we went to dinner at, “The Cotton Patch Cafe”, for their Monday night special, Chicken Fried Steak dinner, for $9.95 each. A Chicken Fried Steak, for you uneducated northerners, is a round steak that is pounded thin and tenderized with holes. It’s then dipped in buttermilk, and deep fried in seasoned flour. It’s served smothered in cream gravy. It’s a true Texas tradition. We had enough leftover for dinner tomorrow night.

    Have you considered moving everything out of your house except the kitchen and our bed so that Nala can’t take anything out to the backyard. 🙂 Then, you would have to rent a large storage place to visit your stuff.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I didn’t see the game, but I did read the paper this morning. I saw where it was the first time. Kudos!

      It stayed mostly chilly today. I didn’t go out the rest of the day. Night uke was cancelled, but I do have a lesson tomorrow.

      They have chicken fried steak here on menus as well so I know what it is. I even think I have had it. It sounds like something I would order.

      Nala likes the oddest stuff. Other than the pillow, her last few thefts have bee paper or cardboard which she shreds in the yard. With the rain we’ve had, it will be glued to the ground. I’d give it a try tomorrow.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Your Nala stories are funny 🙂
    Fries and gratinated vegetables as every Tuesday when The Doctor is on TV. Dubbed episodes so we’re late but finally new episodes with the female Doctor and I love them. Soup at least once or twice a week especially in winter. Yup, soup is cozy.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Birgit,
      I think they get funny in retrospect. Nala was quiet today.

      It took me a bit until I liked the female Doctor, but now I do. I think we have new episodes but I’m not sure it is still her.

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