A Change is Gonna Come: Brian Owens and Thomas Owens

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2 Comments on “A Change is Gonna Come: Brian Owens and Thomas Owens”

  1. J Says:

    Amazing cover. Brian is well known as a soul and gospel performer, but it’s Thomas’ (father) expressive singing that really convinces me. I wonder about the setting for the recording. The ‘audience’ seems quite passive &/or unresponsive.
    After returning from service in Vietnam and converting to Christianity, Thomas supported his family for 40 years as a food scientist with the Nestlé Ralston company while also serving as an elder and preacher in his church, so there’s not many other recordings of him. But there is this church video of Brian Owens, Thomas Owens Sr, Thomas Owens Jr, and Gregg Owens, an incredible family of singers they all are.

    • katry Says:

      Wow! Totally incredible family of singers!!

      I have played the Sam Cooke Change a few times as it is his song, but this time I did a bit of hunting and found this cover. I was totally taken with this Owens’ version. These two (obviously among others) have amazing voices!! I envy their voices.

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