“If wool shrinks when you wash it, why don’t sheep get smaller when it rains?”

Today is pretty, sunny, but only 37°. I could feel the cold when I got the papers so I decided to forego yesterday’s mail until later. l’ll grab it on my way to the dump.

I didn’t get the Globe. I got The New York Times. I did get The Cape Cod Times, the paper often missing. I was happy for it.

What a glorious day say I with tongue in cheek; however, tomorrow won’t be much better. I’ll have a couple of stops, PT and the post office. My sister Moe in Colorado mentioned she was going to buy a calendar. I said no. I told her I had one for her and one for Rod, parts of their Christmas gifts. She said she’d wait a couple of days: hence, the stop at the post office. The gifts are late, I know, but think of the drama. More gifts are still to be found, let alone wrapped and sent, but I knew exactly where the calendars were. We’re still in Act I of Christmas 2022. More is piled in my bedroom. I’ll start dividing after I put my Christmas away, probably tomorrow.

I admit it. I watch Hallmark movie channels, and, today, much to my surprise, re-runs of Lori Loughlin, antique dealer detective, are back in the line-up. Hmmmm! I wonder.

Some days make me feel settled, not like an old house settles, but happy where I am. All my life I have had those sorts of days, even when I was young. I remember lying in bed on rainy afternoons and reading by the lamp light hung over the back of my bed. Those sorts of days became my favorites. I remember the rainy seasons in Ghana and sitting inside my house surrounded by rain.and reading by the light hanging from my ceiling ( I don’t remember, Bill, how high the ceiling was, 7′?) Anyway, the loudest sounds were the early rains pelting the roof over my head. They were the welcome rains after so many dry months.

I love the early rains of spring here. They too are often heavy and wonderfully noisy.

I find it amazing what you bring along with you all of your life. I feel comfort from the sounds of the rain.

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2 Comments on ““If wool shrinks when you wash it, why don’t sheep get smaller when it rains?””

  1. William Says:

    The front ceiling was about 9′ and sloped towards the back. There were those small screened openings which allowed harmattan dust to come in and take part in James’ and Thomas’s resettlement program.😁

    • katry Says:

      During my first year, I had a lizard that lived mostly in one of those little windows far too high to reach. One day I saw him on the floor and grabbed him, half of him. The front half was gone. He should have stayed up high.

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