“Beep Beep!” 

A leisurely start to my day has become a fixture, de rigueur. The dogs have let me sleep beyond 8:30. This morning it was close to ten. I never know which of us is awake first, me or the dogs. They do seem to have an uncanny ability to recognize my change in breathing. Nala attacks, whacking me with her paws. I pretend to be sleeping, but she’s on to me and keeps whacking. I give in and get up. I take my time downstairs having coffee with my newspapers. Today I added an English muffin with blueberry jam. I like the day so far.

When I was a kid, I often got books of paper dolls for Christmas. In my stocking was always a pair of scissors, safety kids’ scissors which were never sharp enough, but in hindsight, maybe I should be glad of that, but scissors and I do well together. I remember so very carefully wielding the scissors and following the black lines, the cut-able areas, around all the clothes and shoes and accessories. The doll was usually cardboard while the clothes were paper. My big, and only, disappointment was when the doll wouldn’t stay standing. I’d have to lean her. Such was the life of a paper doll.

Uptown, when I was a kid, there used to be a J.P. Penney ordering shop. My mother would make her list from the catalog, bring it uptown and order, a big order at Christmas, mostly clothes, including our Christmas Eve pajamas. I think of my mother and her lists as the ancestors of on-line shopping.

Nala stole the tree skirt from the ugly pine in the dining room. I only know because I found it soaked with rain on the deck stairs. It is now draining in the sink. Nothing is safe from Nala. Things she has ignored for two years are now coming under attack. Well meaning suggestions from my readers in regard to her felonious behavior included getting rid of her, not ever, and moving things she’s likely to steal to safety but that would mean my house would have a couch, a bed, a TV and food hidden in caches and cabinets. Even then I suspect nothing is safe. Nala would find a way. It feels like we are living in a Road Runner world, and I am Wile E. Coyote,

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  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today is partly cloudy with a high predicted to reach 64°.

    I think you made a typo, J.C. Penny is just barely still in business after closing their catalog business years ago. Amazon has made the department store a relic of bygone days. I’m surprised that Kohls is still doing well. One of their busiest areas is their Amazon return area. One way they draw customers into their stores is that they will ship back, at no charge, any item purchased from Amazon within the Amazon return policy. The Amazon return area is at the far back of their stores. It’s easier than going to the post office and shipping an item back after rewrapping the item.

    You may have to move everything in your house to a shelf at least 6 ft. above the floor regardless if it’s edible or not. 🙂 Good luck, Nala has trained you well.

    • katry Says:

      When I was young, there was a J.C.Penny ordering store (from the catalog). It was just a counter at the front of the store. You gave them your order, paid for it, and they called when it had been delivered to the store.

      There is a Kohl’s in Hyannis, but I haven’t ever shopped there. I seldom do actual store shopping. With free postage most of the time, it is just as easy to shop from home.

      Maybe I’ll just move to a tiny house in the yard!

  2. Hedley Says:

    Meanwhile in Detroit we are wondering..can the Rams beat Seattle ? If so the game tonight in Green Bay is a playoff..playin game with the winner getting the final wild card.
    After a disastrous 1-6 start, the Lions have actually looked like a football team. I am not used to this and have no idea how to react. The idea that the game means something and we have the chance to thump the odious Aaron Rodgers is almost too much

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