“That was what it felt like – as if one had always been in that place and never been bored although nothing had ever happened.” 

I admit to a certain amount of lethargy. Today I am a sloth. I let the dogs out early this morning and then went back to bed for another hour. The dogs joined me after they came in and found me.

I only got one newspaper this morning. I read it slowly. The Cape Cod Times was missing. Deja vu? I hope not.

I have a quiet week. Only one day is marked on the calendar, Wednesday. I have a strumming class and PT, one right after the other. I’ll have to nap before the big day.

Christmas vacation ended on January 2nd every year. I think it was always a cloudy day. We walked to school just as we did every day. Nothing had changed. The walk was on the same streets it always was. The trees were still bare. It was quiet for most of the walk until we got closer to the schoolyard where kids were running around or just talking in groups, all waiting for the nun to ring the bell, to end Christmas vacation officially.

Saturday matinee at the movie theater uptown was our only established entertainment beyond ourselves. My mother would give us enough money for a ticket and some candy. The key was to buy long lasting candy, to last through a cartoon, a newsreel and a movie. The one movie I remember seeing there was The Wizard of Oz because of the jaw dropping awe I remember when Munchkin Land turned all color.

January has never been an exciting month. When I was a kid, each day had a routine. We had no holidays off from school. The weather was often iffy with icy rain and even snow. After school, most afternoons were spent inside watching TV. I remember loving Superman, and I knew all of the songs for each day of the week on the Micky Mouse Club. Talent Friday was my least favorite day. Supper was some sort of meat, ground beef was big on the menu, potatoes, usually mashed, and a vegetable or two. If there were cookies left, we’d grab a few for dessert. We’d watch TV after dinner then early to bed on a school night. Day after day after day yet I was never bored. Not once did I bemoan my fate. I liked every day.

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