He’ll Be Coming Down the Chimney: Guy Lombardo, Kenny Gardner & the Trio

Okay I have probably mentioned this more times than I can remember, but I figure this song lets me mention it again. When I was in the sixth grade, Guy Lombardo came to my parish, St. Patrick’s, as he did every year to give a dance concert because he was close friends with one of our parish priests. He wanted to make a Christmas album while he was in town. Both six grades were chosen to accompany Kenny Gardner. We recorded at the town hall. I remember Guy Lombardo and the orchestra were on the stage. My classmates and I were standing in front of the stage. We sang all the traditional carols. I still have an original album. I can play it now as I have a record player.

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2 Comments on “He’ll Be Coming Down the Chimney: Guy Lombardo, Kenny Gardner & the Trio”

  1. Birgit Says:

    Guy Lombardo and your story is a KTCC Christmas tradition by now so you just have to mention it every year!
    I’m glad that my old record player is still working but I rarely listen to vinyls anymore since my records are in the cellar. Summers are too hot by now to keep them upstairs. I’ll wake up my record player at Christmas to listen to Odetta as every year.

    • katry Says:

      I figured I must have mentioned it more than a few times. Thanks for making it a tradition!

      I have quite a few Christmas albums, Odetta among them. Did I mentioned I saw her in Boston one year just before Christmas? It was a wonderful concert. I think it was among her last few. I took my sister there for one of her Christmas presents.

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