“Chocolate is a happiness that you can eat.”

The rain stopped for a bit, but more rain and even snow are predicted for today. It got cold over night, and the cold lingers. The sky is grey and getting darker. Then wind is getting stronger. I have already been out this morning. I met with my surgeon. He was both pleased and surprised by the progress of my finger. He did say he was going to extend therapy for another month. He also said it would be at least a year before my finger would be at its best. He said again how terrible the injury was, and how lucky I am to have my finger. I figured he was trying to mitigate his announcement of a year. It didn’t help.

When I was a kid, a Saturday like today would mean staying home probably watching TV or reading upstairs in the quiet of my bedroom. My bike would be in its winter storage in the cellar by now coming out only on a warmish day. I do remember riding to the white store on Christmas Eve one year. My mother needed bread and milk. It seemed to me such an ordinary task on such an extraordinary day.

Like most kids, I really wanted a white Christmas. I knew Santa’s sleigh flew, but it had runners so it needed snow. I was always disappointed by a clear or a rainy Christmas except for one year. That was the year of the bike. I got to ride it on Christmas Day. I felt so proud sitting on my new bike and riding up and down the street. I hoped all the neighbors noticed.

I have a concert today. Originally I wasn’t going, but a spot opened up. It is in Orleans at a magnificent chocolate store. Last year at the concert I bought bagfuls of chocolate Santas and reindeer mostly for other people, but I did sneak in a few for myself. Tis’ the season for chocolate reindeer!

My backyard is filled with Nala trash, the remnants of her pilfered goods. This morning I noticed my bread was gone. It had been in what I thought was a safe place. I need a lock box. Nothing is safe. I really wanted toast this morning.

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2 Comments on ““Chocolate is a happiness that you can eat.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    The arctic air is slowly moving in from western Canada and we should be cooler through Christmas Day. Last year the high temperature on Christmas was 82°. This year the high is forecasted to be 40°. Today the sun is shining and a high of 51°. You have to remember, that the DFW area is on the same latitude as the Sahara desert. 🙂 You guys in New England are on the same latitude as Madrid Spain.

    This evening my spouse and I are going to my company’s annual Christmas party. I haven’t been for a number of years. They solve the liability of drunk driving, by giving everyone just two free drink tickets and the employees can then buy more drinks. A buffet dinner will be served along with a drawing for gifts. It should be fun or at least interesting.

    Having a white Christmas here is an extremely rare event. In 1975 we had 0.4 inches of snow and it had mostly sublimated by the afternoon. Prior to that was 1963 which was some sleet. Why are we so enamored by snow on Christmas? Christians in the southern hemisphere have summer on December 25th. They go to the beach on Christmas Day. Obviously, there wasn’t snow in Israel during the alleged time of Jesus’s birth. Israel has a similar climate to Southern California. 🙂 I know, we Northern Europeans set the global Christmas expectations.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Today was warmish, but it was wasted by the wind which made it feel far colder than it was. I know desert weather. Northern Ghana where I lived had the harmattan with winds off the Sahara. Dust was everywhere.

      I figure free drinks and dinner is an evening to look forward to. It is nice your company still gives a Christmas party. There were none during the lockdown and many companies didn’t bring it back.

      I think Santa and his sleigh work best with a snowy world. We don’t often have a white Christmas either, but we do have far more potential than you. In this latest storm, I got rain. My cousin in the hinterland of New Hampshire got 18 inches. My friends near Nashua only got 7. I’m glad for none!

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