“Christmas cookies and happy hearts, this is how the holiday starts!”

Today is cold, raw and damp. The sky is cloudy. Rain and snow are predicted. The temperature is only in the 30’s and will stay there most of the day. Nothing about today’s weather is inviting though every now and then a bit of blue breaks through, a false hope. I’m staying home. I’m going to start decorating, and tomorrow will be tree day. I’m even decorative. I’m wearing a new pair of flannel pants. They are blue and decorated with Santa and his sleigh, fir trees covered in snow, bright stars and red cottages with snowmen in front with top hats and carrots noses.

When I was a kid, one of my favorite Christmas traditions was decorating sugar cookies. I can’t imagine Christmas without sugar cookies. My mother had cookie cutters in the shapes of Santa, a tree, a bell, an angel and a reindeer. The reindeer was the most difficult to cut out and bake as his antlers sometimes broke. My mother would make frosting, put it in bowls then color it. The kitchen table always ended up with globs of frosting in a rainbow of colors. My mother also put jars of sprinkles in green and red and multicolored jimmies on the table. They made the cookies prettier, but they added to the mess, to the globs on the table, but it didn’t matter. The mess was part of the tradition. We always rewarded ourselves with a cookie or two.

I’m watching Christmas movies just about every day. When I was a kid, there weren’t that many choices. I loved Suzie Snowflake, a bit of animation with a song. We watched the New Hampshire Santa every afternoon. I remember a Rudolph cartoon. It was in black and white so no red nose, but we imagined it was there. I remember Frosty. He had a tall skinny top hat, and he carried a broom. We watched the Perry Como show. He wore great christmas sweaters and always sang Ave Maria. I remember watching a Christmas Carol every Christmas. It is still one of my traditions. I have seen it so many times I know much of the dialogue. Last night I watched the transformation of George C. Scott as Scrooge. It is one of the best. Maybe tonight I’ll watch the Muppets. I’m ready for a bit of Christmas whimsy.

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2 Comments on ““Christmas cookies and happy hearts, this is how the holiday starts!””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today has been cloudy with off and on heavy rain and thunderstorms. The high today was a nice 70° if you managed to stayed dry. 🙂

    Pilots call those small sunny breaks in the clouds, sucker holes. Student pilots are taught to fly by visual flight rules. That means avoiding flying in the clouds at all costs. Flying in clouds is an advanced skill called instrument flying. However, one can fly above the clouds in clear air if the pilot can find a sucker hole to climb above a cloud deck. Then, hopefully he or she can find another one to descend through. That’s why they are called sucker holes. Trying to descend through the clouds without advanced instrument training can lead to spacial disorientation and loss of control resulting in a fatal crash. 🙁

    I never really liked sugar cookies. I especially am not fond of ones covered with icing. Give me a family size package of Oreo cookies and I’m in heaven.

    My daughter loves watching Christmas movies. She loves Christmastime. Not the religious part, just the fun parts. We are going to go out tomorrow night with her to do another round of viewing lights. We might tour Highland Park. It’s a separate town completely surrounded by Dallas where some of the wealthiest people live. Real people like J.R. Ewing. 🙂 These folks decorate their huge mansions to the maximum extent. When you’re a billionaire, you can go all out with lights and decorations.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It rained later in the day, and it has been cold. Right now it is 37° and with the wind feels even colder. The dogs are in and out quickly.

      When I’m flying and all of sudden the sun appears, it aways seems so much brighter. What a great name for those holes. It says it all.

      I love sugar cookies even now, but I also love Oreos. I have tried several flavors and sizes. I do like double stuffed.

      I’m watching a hallmark movie now. The new movies have great locales, such different plots I can’t always guess the answer and even gay couples. Hallmark has come a long way.

      In Revere, a few towns over from us, there were streets with the most magnificently lit houses. We went there every year as did so many other people. There was always a traffic jam.

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