“But frost, like the crystallized dreams of autumn, began to coat the clearing with its sugar glaze.”

The frost is on the pumpkin, my windshield and the car’s back window. It is only 34° right now. I gasped a bit when I went to get the paper. It will get warmer, as high as 46°. That gave me a chuckle of sorts. It seems, given the season, I’ve lowered my expectations of warmer. I’m thinking flannel shirt and sweatshirt weather. I have a uke concert today down cape, Eastham, at the Turnip Festival. I’ll have to rewrap my finger and add the splint so I can play.

The dogs love this weather. They go out, do their business then come back in for a cookie. After that, they go back out again and stay out for a while.

Yesterday, I had groceries delivered. While I was bringing each bag into the kitchen, Nala, unbeknownst to me, was doing her own shopping in the bags. All of a sudden she was gone. She had disappeared. That is always a sign she is guilty of something. I went out and saw her prancing in the yard with the hot dog rolls in her mouth. She was carrying the bag by the top. I yelled for her to stop. She kept going. We did that for a while then she was gone again. I went in the house and checked upstairs. No Nala. I then noticed her on the couch with the rolls. They were fine, unopened without a bite mark. Good dog, Nala.

Tis’ the season for catalogues. I get several each day. I toss some right away as I haven’t any interest. Others I spend time with going from page to page hoping to find Christmas presents. I sometimes do.

The sunlight slants a different way in the fall. It seems to gleam. Tree trunks and leaves are almost highlighted. The sky is so very blue, a deep, deep blue uncluttered by clouds. Fall give us pretty days.

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4 Comments on ““But frost, like the crystallized dreams of autumn, began to coat the clearing with its sugar glaze.””

  1. Birgit Says:

    First frost today, no snow yet. The heating was off until yesterday, our stone house has kept the autumn warmth quite well, but last night the heating turned itself on because of frost protection. The expensive season begins.
    Have fun playing, I hope your finger doesn’t hurt too much!

    • katry Says:

      I think this was our first frost as well. Either that or I slept too late, and it melted.

      My heat has been on for a few weeks. The nights have been getting quite cold, down to the 30’s, and I hate to be cold.

      It was a great time with my uke, but not such a great night. We played two sets. My finger is quite painful, and I have a blister on my thumb. t wasn’t used to strumming with it. To top it off, Nala stole my splint. I figure it is outside, but it was too dark when I realized it.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    This morning’s low was 33° with mostly cloudy skies with a high of 45°. The sun has appeared through the high clouds. We didn’t get any frost this morning but the forecast was only 20% chance of the white flakes.

    Today we went to the Galleria mall so my daughter could see the Christmas tree in the middle of the ice skating rink. She bought herself a new purse from the large marked down section in Macy’s. The mall was very crowded because they were runners their pre-black Friday sale. If I don’t return to the mall, any mall until mid January it will be too soon. Ugh. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It stayed chilly all day. Tonight is even colder. Luckily, by the time I left the house, the frost on my car had melted so no scraping.

      The last time I was at the mall was last year for a uke concert. We had six concerts on successive Sundays. I didn’t shop. When the mall first opened, it had unique stores, fun places to shop. Now it is like every mall. I prefer to shop locally.

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