“Dogs have boundless enthusiasm but no sense of shame. I should have a dog as a life coach.” 

The morning feels warm at 43°. The sun was here earlier then disappeared but has since reappeared. Rain is predicted. I expect to stay home. I’ll get to watch and listen as the rain drops hit the house and windows. This is when I most miss the metal roof of my house in Ghana. When it poured early in the rainy season, it was as if I was surrounded by the rainstorm without getting wet.

On my first morning in Ghana, I stood outside my room on the second floor of the dorm at the school where we were staying. I remember looking at the roofs of the houses below me. They were all metal with ripples and many of them were rusted in spots. I could also see palm trees, the first I’d ever seen. I knew then I was somewhere else.

Nala stole the aluminum pie pans I had taken out of the cabinet so I could use them to make a couple of pies. I saw them in the backyard when I opened the door for Henry. I retrieved them and more trash. Later, I saw my upstairs bathroom basket outside. It is made of Ghanaian cloth so it was easily seen. She grabbed it when I tried to get it. I waited and waited and watched her run around the yard with it in her mouth. Finally the word treat got her to drop it. I grabbed her then the basket. Nothing is sacred in my house.

From the den to the back door, my floor has clumps of dust and fur. That is the route the dogs take to go into the kitchen, the yard, and it is where they eat each other’s muzzles when they play. I never walk down the hall without picking up some clumps.

Yesterday I had PT. My finger hurts today, but I have exercises I will do later. The objective of all of this is to get the finger to bend more. It is tight in the middle below the knuckle and bends barely half way. I have this weird glove with velcro to hold the finger down. It is pain for gain.

Science fiction movies are on the small screen today. I just finished watching Geostorm. It had a happy ending. The world was saved.

Nala has become an oracle but not a Cassandra which, given Nala, you might have expected. The other morning, Tuesday, she started playing with her Trump toy. He is wearing a blue suit and a red tie and has reddish orange hair. I haven’t seen him out of the toy basket in a while. Nala was predicting the announcement by resurrecting that toy.

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2 Comments on ““Dogs have boundless enthusiasm but no sense of shame. I should have a dog as a life coach.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today it’s mostly cloudy with a low this morning of 37° and a high predicted to reach 47°. This is a chilly spell for us as we are about 15° to 20° below normal.

    Your canine brood gives you and everyone on Coffee endless hours of entertainment. We had a couple of dogs that knew exactly what to do to aggravate us. We had a Dachshund who would sneak out under the backyard fence and run around the neighborhood doing god only knew what. Of course, he always showed up on the front porch barking to be let inside at feeding time. I think he was still angry with us about getting neutered. 🙂 My favorite dogs were our retired two racing Greyhounds. They were the most laid back dogs imaginable. They were just large couch potatoes. In their previous existence they were accustomed to running after the fake rabbit for about thirty seconds and then lounging in their crates for hours or maybe days. They are large dogs but they make terrible watch dogs. If a burglar entered your house to steal the family silver, the Greyhound would just lie their and watch them take it. That’s why they are called sight hounds. 🙂

    Sorry about your finger and the PT hurting you. Our bodies are amazing machines. However, when they are broken, only time and pain is required to help them to repair the damage. Of course, with a little help from modern medicine and pharmaceuticals.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It stayed in the 40’s today, bit it felt chilly. I was I the art for a while, but I got cold. The dogs’ fur felt cold each time they came inside the house. It never did rain.

      Nala had another adventure in the afternoon. I got my groceries delivered and was bringing the bags into the kitchen to empty and put the groceries away. Henry was there but I noticed Nala wasn’t, always a bad sign. I went outside looking, and she had the package of hot dogs rolls in her mouth. She ran the art. I yelled for her to drop them. She ignored me. I got close. She ran. The ran on the deck. I went looking, and she was gone. I checked upstairs, no Nala. I got worried,, but then I found her on the couch with the unopened buns. Life is always exciting with my dogs.

      You’re right about time and pain. I know it will be a while before my finger is better. I have 4 more weeks of therapy, eight weeks for just a finger!

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