“Beauty is and always will be blue skies and open highway.” 

Last night was downright cold, in the high 30’s, but not quite a frost yet. Today is sunny and warmer and will get as high as 64°. I was out early, early anyway for me. I had PT again. My finger was sore at the start. Yesterday, let me hear a hooray!, I went to my uke lesson. It was a book which the group had been playing but was new to me. I hadn’t touched my uke in six weeks, but I think I did well except for some new 4 fingered chords. My thump strumming was just fine, but I did have to stop playing when my finger started hurting. During PT this morning, my finger started out painful and tender so we didn’t do a whole lot. The good news is my finger tip is straighter, less of a dip.

On my way back from Orleans I took the mid-cape instead of 6A. Along the sides of the road trees have dying leaves, browning leaves. The pines provide the only color, green. The highway is boring. One slow car slows down every car. Today, though, it was a fast ride until the exit before mine. I took it in stride.

When I was a kid, my favorite ride was along Route 1. Both sides of the road had so much to look at I craned my neck from one side of the car to the other. I remember motels with small cottages painted white. Restaurants lined the road. The ship, the leaning tower and one restaurant which looked like a Southern plantation are the ones I remember. There were places to stop for ice cream and other places offering rooms of chocolates. I remember cows in a field and a barn toward the back of the field. We sometimes stopped at roadside picnic tables to eat the lunch my mother had packed. We did bathroom stops. When I was much older, my mother and I often took Route 1 and stopped at neat places to shop. We filled the trunk with bags. We also stopped for lunch. These rides with my mother are favorite memories of mine.

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  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was another unusually warm day with high temperatures which were close to 80° with mostly cloudy skies. A cold front is headed our way tonight and will bring us colder temperatures. Highs for the next ten days will be in the 50s, with lows in the low 40s.

    Today was our 37th wedding anniversary. I brought home a dozen pink roses which is my spouse’s favorite color. Tonight we went out for dinner to a locally owned seafood restaurant. The owner told us he has been in business at this location for 36 years. Whenever possible I try to find locally owned restaurants. I had the grilled salmon and my bride had fried oysters. The decor is a throwback to 70s and 80s style seafood emporiums.

    Is the Route 1 you referred to, U.S. Highway 1? If so, it’s the highway that went all the way down the east coast to Florida? This evening we drove down Texas highway 26 to get to Earnie’s Seafood restaurant. Highway 26 connects Ft. Worth Grapevine. It’s called several names depending on which small town you are located. It’s lined with strip shopping areas which are filled with all kinds of restaurants from fast food drive through places like McDonalds to local mom and pop places offering all kinds of cuisines.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      The day got warmer. Tonight it is actually 58° which is warm. Tomorrow will get to 68° and the weekend eve warmer. This is such unseasonable weather for us.

      Congratulation on your anniversary. That is a good long time!! It sounds like you and your wife had a great anniversary celebration. I do love seafood though not salmon.

      Yes, it is the same road. It has, like Highway 26, different names in different towns. We used to take it to Maine when we went on vacation. Here it runs parallel to 95 which follows 93. Some highways here have two names. I remember a sign with about 8 arrows with 8 different routes listed but many of the arrows went in the same directions.

      Route 1 still has all kinds of shops and restaurants. It is an old road which I like to take if going north.

      • Bob Says:

        I remember that you are not a fan of salmon. I like all different varieties of seafood but salmon is one of my favorites. Picking a favorite seafood is like trying to pick your favorite child. 🙂 The high at 7am tomorrow will be 53° with a stiff north wind. By 7pm we will be down to 37° with a 50% chance of rain during the day.

      • katry Says:

        My parents and I were traveling to Europe from Boston the stopping in London to catch our next flight to Budapest. We left Boston late so we missed our connecting flight. I ran to the counter and booked another flight. They upgraded us to first class. Dinner was salmon. I was so disappointed.

        We might even hit 70 Saturday and Sunday.

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