“Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody.”

I thought yesterday was perfect, but I slightly missed the mark. That honor belongs to today. It is already 71° and will get a bit higher. There are a few clouds but not enough to block the sun. There is a bit of a wind but not a cold winter, almost a summer wind. I am going out later today. It would be sinful to miss such a lovely day.

Nala trash picked this morning. She got into the bag I was readying for the dump. I have to check outside, but I suspect there is trash because she disappeared right after the theft. Henry again was guilty of abetting. He was lapping one of the cans on the floor.

The smoke alarm went off again, the one in the hall. It has a new battery so I’m thinking it is dying. Henry ran upstairs. Nala went to the hall to check it out. She is brazen.

The big news is I have started my first load of laundry. I had to get my step ladder so I was in the cellar anyway. I keep looking for fireworks and listening for noise makers.

When I was a kid, Sunday was family day. I remember sitting in the living room with my dad after church. He’d read the paper, and I’d read the comics. Back then I had my little world which seldom extended beyond my town so I never read the news. My father did. He’d read the paper end to end. His finger tips got blackened from the print. When that happened to me, I’d press my fingers on white paper so I could see the fingerprint. My mother was always in the kitchen making Sunday dinner. That was the only dinner of the week. The other days we had supper in the early evening, around six. Dinner was in the afternoon. Saturday supper and Sunday dinner were the only meals we ate together because my father came home from work the rest of the week too late to eat with us.

The other night I had a real dinner. I had rib eye, mashed potatoes and peas. I had leftovers the next night. Those dishes are parts of my all time favorite Sunday dinner. My mother made that dinner for me on a Saturday night, on the night before I left to start staging for Peace Corps and Ghana. It is one of my connections to family, a favorite memory I still keep close.

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2 Comments on ““Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was beautiful with clear skies and a high of 81° with little wind.

    When we moved into this house we had our handyman put up smoke detectors in each bedroom, in the upstairs hallway, and in the den on the first floor. I had them buy the ones with ten year batteries. Suddenly, we heard the chirping of a smoke alarm battery going bad. Our handyman came out and we discovered another one on the stairwell that’s connected to the AC house current. It also has a backup battery and that one was the culprit. I had him discount the one from the AC and remove it’s backup battery. It’s now a decoration. Should we actually live here ten years, we’ll just replace the ones with the ten year batteries.

    Last night I watched the Astros beat the Phillies in the World Series. At least Dusty Baker no longer has the title of the winningest manager of World Series games who never won the World Series Championship. At least one Texas baseball team has won two World Series, despite the cheating scandal of their 2017 victory. As fans of the Brooklyn Dodgers and Boston Red Sox used to say, “Wait till next year”.

    Sunday’s in my youth were semi-family days after my father’s bowling league games in the morning and him doing his weekly paperwork in the afternoon. In the evening we all went out to dinner thus giving my mother a break from making dinner. We either went out for one of three food types, Chinese, Italian, or Seafood.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      These were new a long whole back. I checked the date they were installed. I also checked on line how long before putting up new ones: 8 to 10 years was recommended. These are 14 years old. They are electric with battery backups, and the batteries are new so it has to be the detector itself. I have them on each floor. I’ll have to buy more.

      I watched part of the game last night. Christian Vázquez was traded from the Sox to the Astros during the season. He was devastated. I doubt he is devastated now. He gets another ring.

      Around here Sundays were quiet. My father never worked on the weekends. Every store was closed. I don’t know if bowling alleys were open, but there were only leagues on the weekdays or weeknights.

      Most families I knew had Sunday dinners. It was a ritual.

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