“What use are socks? They only produce holes.”

That I am sitting here inside writing Coffee is a miracle. The most beautiful fall Saturday awaits me. Already it is 70°. An every now and then breeze shakes the dead leaves on the oak tree outside my window and sways the tops of the tallest trees. A day like today is one of the best reasons to live in New England.

My first cup of coffee in the morning is a delight. The first sip is so satisfyingly tasty I usually yum out loud. This morning I made toast though making toast seems a silly description, as if I did the work instead of the toaster oven. All I did was put the bread in, turn on the toaster oven and wait. Even then the toast nearly burned as I went outside and got lost in the morning.

The dogs have been in the yard most of the day. They come inside for water, their tongues hanging, then stand by the snack cabinet looking hopefully at me. Most of the time I give in and they each get a biscuit. They then go back outside having satisfied hunger and thirst.

I’m going out to get animal food. The dogs need everything. Jack needs all but new litter. That came yesterday. I think after Agway I’m going to take a ride, maybe even stop for lunch, treat myself. I haven’t done that in a while.

Lately I have been living in a Hallmark world where every house is decorated inside and out. Lights are ablaze. Decorated sugar cookies sit on the counter. Snow falls gently. High school sweethearts reunite or strangers fall in love. Princes from made-up countries find true love with a commoner. They dance the night away at a Christmas Eve ball. They end the evening with a kiss.

My socks have holes at the toes. My mother would be horrified. She thought socks and underwear had to be intact. I disappointed her. I always said I could never throw away socks if only my toes were exposed. Nobody saw them anyway. As for my underwear, the same rule applies, and I never gave credence to the thought of an accident. When I get dressed today, I’m going to fold over the tops of my socks before I put them into my shoes. The lumps never bother me.

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4 Comments on ““What use are socks? They only produce holes.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today we reached only 68° after the cold front came through yesterday bringing with it severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Today your high temperature was a couple of degrees warmer than ours.

    Some of the neighbors have put up their Christmas lights already. One neighbor even has his lights on. My next door neighbor had his lights put up on Thursday but hasn’t turned them on. Already stores are running Black Friday Christmas sales and it isn’t even Thanksgiving. It’s very important for our economy that people go out and buy stuff for the winter solstice holidays. If you are in a retail business there’s nothing you can do all of next year to make up for a bad holiday selling season. All of the merchandise that is shipped in September and October must be paid for on January tenth. Go ahead and run up your credit cards to the max for Christmas, or Chanukah, or Kwanza, or whatever. Your country needs you to spend big. 🙂

    In 1957 my paternal grandfather passed away. My father was following the Orthodox Jewish tradition of attending daily religious services to recite the mourners prayer for a year. The local Rabbi was discussing Jewish history during the Roman Empire. He did this during the short break between the afternoon and evening service while awaiting for the sun to set. The Rabbi explained to the small congregation that many Romans, especially woman, were converting to Judaism and abandoning paganism. He said, had Paul and the other disciples of Jesus not been successful in spreading Christianity, then everyone in the Empire might have become Jewish. A congregant worriedly replied, “Rabbi, that would have been a terrible thing, how would we Jews make a living?” Obviously, Christianity gained much more converts because converting to Judaism required the men to have to be circumcised. In the days before anesthesia, Christianity was a less painful choice of monotheism. 🙂

    Like you I don’t consider a hole in my sock, or underwear, or pajamas a serious reason to not continue wearing the garments. My wife replaces those holly cloths when she discovers them while doing the laundry. When I was single I failed miserably at doing laundry. I would take my washable cloths to the laundromat that offered bundle service and my other cloths to the dry cleaners.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      That is so odd that we were warmer today. Sunday will be even warmer, mid 70’s.

      I have a set of white lights lit all year. It is on the back rail and fence. My neighborhood is quite dark. There are no streetlights and three of the houses are empty, two seasonal houses and one with the owners in Florida. The neighbor over and across the street also has white lights lit. They are their only lights I can see. I will decorate the front fence with colored lights after Thanksgiving. I also have a cow with white lights. He is a favorite of mine.

      I am glad for the sales. I am getting Christmas presents. I just bought two great presents 50% off. The owner of the shop was making room for more seasonable items. I enjoy shopping in the local stores. Hyannis is where all the shops like Target are. I haven’t ever been in one.

      I think all that is happening here with the hate, the lies, the politicians who spread divisiveness and the possible resurgence of Trump have people putting up lights early hoping to dispel the darkness.

      I wish there was a place here which did bundles of laundry. It would be worth it for me. I have to haul the clean laundry up the cellar stairs then up another flight. I don’t do heavy well so I have to make at least two and sometimes three trips if linen is part of the wash.

      The irony is that circumcision is common.

      • Bob Says:

        Circumcision at birth is simple and the pain is forgotten. I assume that as an adult it wouldn’t be any fun even with modern pain killers. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        I don’t know any adults who had it done other than when they were newborns.

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