“The bland politician’s smile of someone who knows that the bodies in the car trunk are, indeed, dead.”

The rain continues. The damp has stilled the trees. My deck is covered in branches, red and yellow leaves and acorns from yesterday’s rain. Scattered thunderstorms are predicted for today. The high will be warmish, in the mid 60’s. I need to be out today. Jack needs food, and I need a few things. I’ll run between the raindrops.

I have favorite flavors. Cinnamon is one of them. I sometimes have cinnamon toast for breakfast, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal is my new favorite. I even eat it as a snack. Vanilla is another flavor I love. Last year I made my own inspired by the homemade vanilla my sister gave me for Christmas a few years back. Hers packed a punch. The mints, spearmint and peppermint, are both on the list. Wintergreen chocolate patties are heavenly, and they are close to the top of my favorite flavors list.

The dogs are noisy. They run up and down the uncarpeted stairs and slide across the tile floor in the kitchen. They eat each other’s muzzles and growl. They go in and out the dog door which snaps behind them. Henry is the nosier animal. He barks at any movement of cars and people. He also barks at deliveries which is okay as he is the only way I know boxes are on the front steps. Nala sometimes makes noise as she tries to drag stolen items out the dog door. The other day it was a brown bag stolen from Jack’s room. It had empty cat food cans. When she heard me coming, she ran through the dog door without her booty.

One morning I was on my way to college, to Merrimack, and we were riding up Route 114. The road was, back then, underdeveloped in spots. We’d ride through stretches of trees on both sides of the road then they’d be some stores then more trees. The highway took us through Middleton and eventually to North Andover. At one spot that morning we saw police cars, both local and state. There were many of each. The police cars surrounded a car with open doors, and I thought I saw a body but maybe not as no one else in the car did. One or two days later, in the paper, was an article about the car and its dead occupants, two bullet riddled bodies. The speculation was they were the victims of the Boston mob and had been dumped there because it was remote. That incident remains my weirdest.

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6 Comments on ““The bland politician’s smile of someone who knows that the bodies in the car trunk are, indeed, dead.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today the rains fell most of the day beginning before dawn and the sun peaked out from behind the clouds late this afternoon. We needed the rain badly. The high temperature was only a cool 66°. There’s a chance for more rain tonight.

    My favorite flavor is milk chocolate. I can eat anything made with the creamy milk version of chocolate. The dark stuff is supposed to be good for your heart. Obviously, I love the stuff that’s bad for your heart. 🙂 No one has introduced milk chocolate steaks yet but I might try one someday. I like vanilla occasionally, but I never tasted the real authentic stuff, just the extract mixed with cakes and sweet ice cream. As for mints, spearmint, peppermint, or any other I can take them or leave them. Even when they are covered in chocolate. Whenever I see Junior Mints, I am reminded of the, “Seinfeld”, episode when Kramer dropped the junior mint into Elian’s friend while observing his operation from the gallery. Every night I watch two reruns of “Seinfeld” episodes while in bed at 11:30. If I fall asleep during the episode, I don’t feel too bad because I know all of the episodes endings. 🙂 You know that you are old, when you would rather watch reruns of Seinfeld instead of playing with mama while in bed. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      You and I are having similar weather. It stayed ugly all day and was foggy at 60°. Tomorrow will be a bit better.

      My vanilla extract was made by splitting the very expensive vanilla pods and placing them in a vodka bottle. I had to shake up the bottle every week. The vanilla is best after 6 months of steeping though you can use it earlier. What is great is you can replace the vodka when you use the vanilla. It is good for up to a year. In some supermarkets, the vanilla is kept off the shelves, and you have to ask for it. That is because people steal the bottles and drink the vanilla because of the alcohol.

      Milk chocolate is a combination of cocoa, sugar and milk, but I’ll often chose the dark less sweet chocolate over the milk. Hershey’s now has a dark bar, but I do love all chocolate, even foods like strawberries with a chocolate covering. I’m a sucker for wintergreen chocolate patties.

      • Bob Says:

        Thanks for the instructions on making vanilla extract. I have eaten vanilla ice cream with the seeds visible in the ice cream. The only dark chocolate I like is the filling of Milano cookies and occasionally a Mounds bar. The Mounds Bar is sweetened by the coconut inside. Occasionally, I like white chocolate. Thank goodness for dental implants I would hate dentures. As much chocolate and candy I have eaten over the years, I’ve put several dentist’s kids through college or bought them their boat. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        That is probably great ice cream when the seeds are visible. I had a Mounds bar just today. I am a coconut fan. I don’t like white “chocolate.” It contains no cocoa solids, which milk chocolate and dark chocolate both have. It has cocoa butter only so it is described as a chocolate confection rather than chocolate. My father used to go crazy when people described Dairy Queen as ice cream. He always said it was ice milk made from powder.

      • Bob Says:

        When I was a kid and we were traveling by car, stopping off for a Dairy Queen cone. I especially liked them when they are dipped in chocolate syrup which freezes on the vanilla ice milk. If your father called it ice milk, so will I. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        My father would be happy!! He was the manager of an ice cream plant so he knew!

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