“Ah, yes, autumn, when the trees blush at the thought of stripping naked in public. “

I wake up every day at 9:30 no matter when I go to sleep. It is as if my body has been programmed. This morning I went downstairs at my usual time. The house was cold, down to 61°. I let the dogs out then, for a change, I went back to bed and slept two more hours. This morning quickly became this afternoon.

Yesterday I went to Agway as I needed creature food. They were having a sale on a variety of items. I bought two Christmas presents. I was pretty happy as I am behind my usual Christmas shopping time. My next stop was for chocolates, but I went to the shop next door first, a shop I love. It too was having a sale. I bought four Christmas presents, beautiful presents. I was tempted to keep one for myself but the rule is firm. I cannot take anything I first bought for someone else at Christmas time. I did buy myself some chocolates and some red licorice. Two days ago I ordered Hess trucks, three of them for my grand nephews: Jamison, Jaxon and Grayson, his first Hess truck. My Christmas shopping has now officially begun.

Today is cool, 58°. It is sunny, but the sun is just a backdrop giving light but no warmth. The breeze is strong. Branches are swaying. I can see the first changes of leaves in the backyard, some yellow leaves. The deck is covered in brown leaves, small branches and acorns. I have yet to close the deck. I need both hands for that.

When I was a kid, dressing for the walk to school this time of year was a conundrum. The mornings were cool, even cold, but the afternoons were warm. A winter coat was heavy. A spring jacket had no lining. My mother solved the problem by layering our clothes. She added a warm sweater beneath the jacket. She had us wear knee socks. I also had pink sort of longish underwear which went beneath my uniform skirt almost to my knees. The underwear was thermal. I was never cold on my walks to school.

I just did a trash check in the backyard. I found empty cat food cans from the trash in Jack’s room. I found the Temptations I had bought yesterday. The bags were empty. Nala did it again. I had put the treats up high, but she figured a way to get at them. I’m going to need a stepladder to put the food even higher, but I suspect Nala will find a way around that too. The strangest thing I found was a basketball. It was still filled with air so it hadn’t been there long. There is no way Nala had anything to do with it being in the yard. I figured it belongs to the kids down the street, but Henry’s barking kept them from going through the gate to get it. I threw it over the gate onto the driveway. I hope they find it.

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4 Comments on ““Ah, yes, autumn, when the trees blush at the thought of stripping naked in public. “”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Yesterday morning was the coolest yet, but today the we topped out at 86°. The leaves on some of the trees are beginning to turn a golden color. We don’t usually get our first freeze until around November 22nd. I think my grass has compressor stopped growing but is still green in spots.

    Yesterday and today I wore a light jacket to the office, and I think I may have left it on my chair. When it’s warm outside after work, my jacket was not on my mind. I guess tomorrow morning I might be a little chilly at 53°. I think I’ll survive.

    Your Nala deserves a short story or even a novel about her antics. Maybe she figured out how to get that basketball into your yard. Have you asked her? 🙂 She is the sneakiest dog around. When your fingers are completely healed it would make a great winter project.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      This morning I was surprised how chilly my house was. It gets cold at night, and the sun doesn’t clear away that cold. I turn on the heat for a little while until the house warms up then I turn off the heat. We have the same steady temperatures, 60’s during the day and in the 50’s at night. Soon enough the nights will get colder. With darkness coming so early, it and the cold remind me winter is coming.

      I wear a sweatshirt both in the house and when I go outside. That is plenty warm enough.

      I don’t dare ask her about the basketball. I’m afraid she did it. She stole a battery the other day. I only found the package in the yard. Anything in my house is fun and games for Nala.

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