“Life is habit. Or rather life is a succession of habits.” 

The morning is damp. It rained during the night. The sky is a bit cloudy, but the sun is breaking through here and there. It will be a cool day, only in the high 50’s.

When I was a kid, today, a rainy Saturday, would have been a disappointment. Saturday was for roaming, not staying home looking wistfully out the window. With everybody stuck in the house, it was loud and felt filled with people. Saturday TV would have been a bit of a distraction for a while, and I’d have been glad for a book.

I heard something being dragged out the dog door earlier. I was too late to catch her, but I did go out and see Nala had a huge bag from Jack’s room. I ran upstairs, sort of. Yup, she had gotten into Jack’s room, eaten all his food and rummaged through the trash. I fed Jack and readjusted the gate to keep Nala out, maybe, then I went outside and collected the trash, a dangerous proposition as the bannister on the stairs to the yard is on the wrong side, my bad hand side, and the stairs were wet, but I navigated safely up and down.

My dance card is empty by choice. My finger still pains me. I am supposed to change the gauze, and that is a bit scary. I have to snip it off with my left hand then wrap the new gauze around my damaged finger and a bit on the finger beside it. I know there are a couple of pieces of gauze from the surgery stuck to the wound. The doctor left them as they were so painful to remove. He told me to soak the gauze to make it easy to remove. I’d cross my fingers, but that would hurt.

My father always had his food preferences. Garlic belonged only on garlic bread and scampi. Strawberry shortcake had to be made with cream of tartar biscuits, not the spongy stuff. He loved canned green beans and canned asparagus. Meat was always well done. He loved ice cream covered in Hershey’s syrup, not hot fudge. He was a man who loved his chocolate. My mother always bought him Hershey’s miniatures which he kept either on the table beside him in a bowl or hidden under the couch. Milk Crackers were a favorite snack. He’d put raspberry jam on them then carry his plate covered in crackers to the living room, settle in his couch corner, where he always sat, and watch TV. My father was such a creature of habit.

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4 Comments on ““Life is habit. Or rather life is a succession of habits.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today is partly cloudy with a high of a pleasant 79°. Rain is predicted for the middle of next week which we need badly.

    I’m glad you didn’t slip on the wet stairs having the banister only on your right hand side. Obviously, you are right handed and had to navigate changing your bandage with your other hand. We south paws are usually ambidextrous from living in a right hand dominant world. Although the theory of which side of the brain controls which side of the body has been debunked, I still believe we lefties are the only one’s in our right minds. 🙂

    Most of us are creatures of habit and that’s a good thing. When I get the urge for a particular type of food, I want to go to the same restaurants where I’m familiar with the menu and the food. A few weeks ago we went out for a pizza and our closest Italian place was closed for some kind of repairs. We then searched the iPhone for pizza places nearby and discovered an even better restaurant and pizzeria not too far away. Now, that’s our go too place for Italian food or pizza. Every morning I have to have a cup of coffee at home while I check my email before driving to work. Nearly everything I do during the day is nearly an exact duplicate of the previous day. My spouse considers me boring, but I know what I like and as a professional pilot, I hate surprises.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      The sun came out and stayed around, but it was chilly all day. I stayed inside and even napped.

      I went down the stairs so very slowly and sideways. I was quite careful. I have decided the best way to change the gauze is to unravel it and do the reverse with the new one. I think I can do that with my left hand, but right now my hand hurts so I have delayed the changing. I don’t want to aggravate it.

      When I was working, I was more of a creature of habit in getting to work and getting home, but the rest of my day changed as I was working with kids and never knew what to expect. I have favorite restaurants but do try new ones, particularly ethnic restaurants. My favorite Italian restaurant closed a long time ago as the family decided to retire and sell the land. I had been going there thirty years.

      Now that I am retired, I do what I want or I do nothing. The only habits now are coffee and newspapers in the morning then writing Coffee. The rest of the day is open.

      • Bob Says:

        After writing about the pizza place I decided to eat there. Unfortunately, the place was jammed and they were having a big party of 16 year olds. It’s homecoming weekend in many high schools during football season. Instead we tried the Mexican restaurant next door. It’s also a family owned and run place and was also very good.

      • katry Says:

        The best Mexican food I’ve had was in Arizona, two different trips, two different restaurants, both in a strip mall. The first one was happenstance. We saw the restaurant and stopped there to eat, no ambiance but great food. The second one was when I was in Phoenix for a conference. I asked the concierge where he would go for Mexican food. The place was amazing with heaping plates of the best food.

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