There are only three forms of high art: the symphony, the illustrated children’s book and the board game. 

Today is day three of rain. Sometimes it is heavy enough to be heard on the roof and windows, but this morning it is a quiet rain. The wind has stopped. Last night we had thunder and lightning. First the thunder boomed then it became a rolling thunder. Usually both dogs ignore thunder, but this time Nala raised her head each time the thunder was over the house. The lightning flashed outside the back windows. It was quick. It was bright.

When I was younger, I kept the house colder. I wore a long sleeved shirt, and that was enough. I remember my mother used to keep her house so warm we complained when we visited, and we aways wore tee-shirts. I get it now. I wear a sweatshirt. I hate to be cold. The heat gets turned on earlier each year as I get older. I hibernate each winter.

One year I got a Slinky in my Christmas stocking. It was metal. I used to go to the top of the stairs and let it walk down. I’d follow. I thought it an amazing toy. The only drawback to the metal was it would twist and get caught in the other round parts. It didn’t work any more then.

I used to play jacks. My mother taught me to play. I remember moving from onesies to tensies. You never said one to ten. You aways said onesies to tensies. There were other levels after that. My mother usually beat me.

We were a game playing family. When I was a younger kid, it was board games. I remember playing Go to the Head of the Class where the game board was filled with desks, and you were promoted up the board if you answer questions correctly. I have that game, the original.

We played dominoes, double six dominoes. The game actually helped me to be better at arithmetic

When I got older, we played card games. I remember learning whist. It was aways my mother and me against my father and brother. We usually won. My father hated to lose, and he would yell at my brother when he made a wrong play. I was glad for my mother as my partner. We played Casino and Hi-Low Jack. The whole family would sit around the kitchen table playing Hi-Low Jack. It was almost a Friday ritual.

We played Uno, and my father almost always forgot to say uno. He got so frustrated he once put a match book on the table and said it was his Uno so he didn’t have to say to anymore. We laughed and told him no.

When I was an adult, my parents and I travel together to Europe almost every year. My mother packed snacks, crossword puzzle books for her and cards and a cribbage board for my father and me. We played every night until tragedy struck. Somehow we had lost the cribbage board. We were in Dublin. We raced to the department store. They had only one board. We bought it. That night when we played, we found out the board wasn’t level. It tilted every time we pegged, but we didn’t care. That became our official traveling board.

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2 Comments on “There are only three forms of high art: the symphony, the illustrated children’s book and the board game. ”

  1. lilydark Says:

    HI Kat,
    It looks like we played the same games. I still have a few slinkies, but there not the iron type, I have jacks, and pick up sticks. I remember playing monopoly, We also played word games, Probe comes to mind.
    I have some original games that I have collected. The ouija board game made by William hunt, and a few others.
    Now that games are online ( some ) I don’t have anyone to play with. I used to play a card game with my friends called “spit” and I always won.
    The weather is lovely ( except we have no rain and there is a drought.
    Take care,
    Lori and Cookie

    • katry Says:

      Hi Lori,
      I only had the metal slinkies until one of one students gave me a plastic one. I didn’t like it as much.

      Monopoly is one of my least favorite games. It seems to go on forever. I never heard of Probe. I did play Scrabble. Phase 10 is a game I started playing as an adult, and I love it. Sorry is my all time favorite board game.

      I play games on line but also with friends when they visit.

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