Savoy Truffle: The Beatles  

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  1. hedley Says:

    The Pound continues its adventures in devaluation touching levels that I have not seen in the 42 years that i have lived in America. the question is whether or not this very advantageous exchange rate holds in front of a now infrequent visit to London which comes up in November.

    Mrs MDH and I will be heading to Fortnum and Mason where Christmas confectionary , foods and tea abound .

    I think the Savoy Truffle was actually in a popular chocolate selection called Good News but am not sure.

    Very nice pick on this rainy chilly Monday, thanks Kat

    • katry Says:

      I do hope the rate holds for you. I remember one trip, though not exactly when, the pound was in trouble: the longer I stayed, the better the exchange rate. If I had the money, I’d go back to Ghana as the Ghanaian cedi has tanked.

      Shall I give you a shopping list for your visit to Fortnum and Mason? Something fancy would be nice!!

      I tried to find more information beyond the song but struck out.

      Thanks!! (No rain here as yet)

      • im6 Says:

        Here’s what I found:

        In his autobiography, I Me Mine, George wrote:

        “‘Savoy Truffle’ is a funny one written whist hanging out with Eric Clapton in the ‘60s. At that time he had a lot of cavities in his teeth and needed dental work. He always had a toothache but he ate a lot of chocolates—he couldn’t resist them, and once he saw a box he had to eat them all. He was over at my house, and I had a box of Good News chocolates on the table and wrote the song from the names inside the lid. I got stuck with the two bridges for a while and Derek Taylor wrote some of the words in the middle —You know that what you eat you are.

        “[Eric Clapton] got this real sweet tooth and he had just had his mouth worked on. His dentist said he was through with candy. So, as a tribute, I wrote ‘You’ll have to have them all pulled out, after the Savoy Truffle.’ The truffle was some kind of sweet, just like all the rest, ‘crème tangerine,’ ‘ginger sling,’ just candy, to tease Eric.”

      • katry Says:

        Wow!! This is great. What a back story. I was sort of amazed that a singer didn’t take great care of his mouth. MDH had a bit of the story with Good News chocolates. Like Eric, I am not good at resisting chocolate. It soothes my soul. Chequessett Chocolate is a local chocolate, expensive but delicious.

        Before I went to Ghana, I had to have all my teeth in perfect condition. It took a few appointments but my teeth passed inspection. The dentist told me to take good care of them and to eat less sugar.

        I never suspected Eric and I would have stuff in common.

        I do love all the desserts mentioned, but I am ever mindful of the dentist except for times like this.

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