“The leaves fall, the wind blows and the farm country slowly changes from the summer cottons into its winter wools.” 

I’m wearing my sweatshirt. The temperature is only 63°. Fall is next week. I guess today is a dress rehearsal.

It will stay sunny all day and the high will be 72°. I have a couple of chores and a couple of errands. My bed needs changing and the plants need watering. I have a small grocery list, and the dogs need a few cans of food. My sloth day has ended.

I caught Nala trying to get a box through the dog door. She managed to do it before I could stop her. I went into the yard to get the box and found a few things she had stolen from my bedroom. That dog is relentless. I found a bunch of dead leaves on a branch in the living room. I guess Nala figured if I can’t get anything out, I’ll bring it in. I’m just happy nothing is dead other than the leaves.

When I was a kid, I imagined myself as one of the characters in the books I was reading. The Doctor Doolittle series had me wishing I could speak to animals. I’d talk to birds, my dog Duke and a few squirrels, none of whom were yet spawns of Satan. I would be the fifth little woman living through a Christmas without presents. Nancy Drew and I would solve crimes together. I wanted to be one of the characters in any Jules Verne book. I used to check the man in the moon to see if he had his happy or his sad face. To go to the moon in a rocket was almost beyond comprehension. I didn’t care that Captain Nemo was a bit crazed. To be in a submarine looking out a picture window showing the bottom of the ocean filled with fish seemed the height of delight, hand clapping delight. I was never without books especially ones which fed my imagination.

For tonight I’m thinking about having a fire in my chiminea and dinner on the deck. I have pinion wood which fills the air with the sweetest aroma. I’ll buy something special for dinner to treat myself. The dogs will be with me, they always are.

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4 Comments on ““The leaves fall, the wind blows and the farm country slowly changes from the summer cottons into its winter wools.” ”

  1. Beto Says:

    The Autumn Wind

    The Autumn Wind came by today
    And begged the leaves come down and play
    We have to ask our Mother Oak
    They answered in reply

    The Mother Oak loved all her leaves
    And if they played
    Then she’d be pleased
    She let them down into the wind to fly

    Then in the happy wind they gyred
    In colors matching earth and fire
    As sunshine split the sky and danced
    Among the mirth and fun

    All day they twirled, ‘till evens bell
    The wind grew quiet as shadows fell
    And all the dancers fell to earth
    Exhausted from their run

    So Mother Oak bid all sweet dreams
    As Mister Moon smiled down his beams
    And Night did bed them all away
    To dance again another day

    • katry Says:

      I love you used gyred and twirled. They gave me a perfect picture of the leaves dancing in the wind. The leaves didn’t die when they fell to earth. They rested from their exhaustion. My favorite is the last stanza!

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today summer has returned at least through next week. The sky is blue with just a few scattered puffy clouds. Today’s high temperature is predicted to be 91° with lows in the upper 60° range. Obviously, it’s not as bad as 109°, but still it’s very warm. Unfortunately, we are still behind in rainfall.

    This weekend is the annual Grapefest on Main Street in Grapevine. It was cancelled for the last two years that we have lived here due to Covid. Unfortunately, we have a very busy weekend planned and Grapefest, at least for us, will have to wait for another year. They are advertising a VIP tent for special wine tasting for those who purchase VIP tickets. I’m not so sure I want to put up with a lot of tipsy drunks staggering along the crowded street.

    When I was a kid I also pretended to be in the story along with the characters in the books I read. It’s part of the suspension of disbelief. I tell all of our simulator instructors, that a good simulator instructor will suspend the flight crew’s disbelief. The students must think that they are flying a real airplane in a real scenario and not just doing a series of exercises in a box at DFW airport. Only then can we evaluate how well or how poorly they handle emergencies and bad weather situations in a safe environment. This same suspension of disbelief allows all of us to enjoy, books, movies, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      By the time I went to do my errands, it was 68°, as warm was it got today. The day did stay sunny. I kept missing the traffic. There was a huge line to cross the lane to get to the other lane, but, by the time, I was finished at Agway, the traffic was gone. It was the same at the store. There were lines waiting to get checked out, but, when I was finished shopping, two cashiers were open. I had a lucky day.

      Usually places like the Grapefest seldom give out enough alcohol for people to get drunk. The two alcohol fests I’ve been at gave out samples in small cups. I never saw a drunk there.

      For me, the suspension of disbelief allows me to accept what otherwise would seem illogical, wrong or even crazy in a story or even a movie. There is no Oz over the rainbow, but for that movie, I suspended disbelief and accepted it as real for the meantime. By accepting the unreal as real, I could then become part of the story. I remember as a kid accepting that Clark Kent’s glasses prevented people from recognizing him as Superman. That was how I could enjoy the story.

      I like your telling the students to accept the simulator as real.

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