Our Town: Iris DeMent

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2 Comments on “Our Town: Iris DeMent”

  1. Beto Says:

    Dusty rice mills
    And cotton gins
    The trains ran out
    The trains ran in

    Out old seven nine
    The farms were sprawled
    Rain came and went
    Time just crawled

    We’d drive down the backs
    With trunks full of suds
    Iced til they froze
    Me and my buds

    The old barber’s clock
    Said Dr Pepper
    Ten two and four
    Couldn’t be better

    But time and the dollar
    Plowed it all under
    Sold it away
    Cast it asunder

    It’s paved and it’s built
    With strip malls and kitsch
    They dug up the dead
    Those sons of a bitch

    I’m way to the west now
    And headin’ on wester
    Still penning the verse
    The romantic jester

    • katry Says:

      This sounds like a song, a plaintive song much like Our Town. What was disappears. The new is different, sleek, unoriginal. I am reminded of Joni’s Big Yellow Taxi. “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

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