“It’s Saturday — should I just sit down and do nothing or lay down and do nothing? “

The coffee is delicious. I think it is from Honduras. The toast with peanut butter hit the spot. I even shared a little with the dogs, and that was a huge sacrifice. This morning is quiet. The only sounds I hear are the insects singing as they warm their wings in the sun. It is a chilly morning. The house is so cold I put on a sweatshirt. The sky is a bit cloudy. It will be in the low 70’s today. It will be a pretty day.

When I was a kid, Saturday was the best day of the week. I didn’t have to go to church. I had no homework to do, and my favorite programs were on in the morning. I could lie on the rug in front of the TV, eat my Rice Krispies and watch my programs. I loved Captain Midnight. He gave me my first taste of science fiction, and I was hooked. Sometimes, after my breakfast, I roamed. I walked around town. I loved to window shop in the square. I always wished I had enough money for a chocolate cupcake from Hank’s. I loved the sweetness of Hank’s window and the aroma of fresh bread baking wafting out the door. In the Stoneham Spa, I always wanted a lime rickey. On the wall there was a sign touting the drink, but I had no idea what a lime rickey was, and I had never tasted a lime. The drug store always made their cokes. My favorite was a vanilla coke. I looked at the cheese shop windows and the barrels of cheese in front of the store, mostly cheddar, but I wasn’t tempted. My fifty cent allowance would allow me to buy a new book and have a penny leftover for a fireball.

I remember wearing sleeveless blouses in the summer usually with a pair of shorts and sneakers. The tan on my arms started at the shoulder. My face and arms have always had freckles, compliments of my mother’s gene pool. Every summer I’d get more, and the ones I had popped in the sun. They always made me look even more tan than I was.

Today I have some house chores. The bed needs changing, and I need to hang my new American flag and the Ghanaian flag already on a pole. My front yard will be adorned. I have a few things needing to be placed somewhere in the yard, an oil lantern, a metal bird and a couple of whirligigs. I bought a new tool, a rechargeable screwdriver type drill. I’ll use it today for the first time. I’ll be careful. I know how I am around tools.

The clematis on the fence and the pole has started to bloom. The bees are back. They just loved the clematis even more than I do.

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8 Comments on ““It’s Saturday — should I just sit down and do nothing or lay down and do nothing? “”

  1. William Says:

    What brand of drill? Congrats on that purchase as it is the most used tool I have.
    Lime Rickey was my favorite when I was a kid and had a spare dime.

    • katry Says:

      It is a Black and Decker drill/screw driver. It came with the two heads I need though I didn’t know and bought two more. It is charged, but I haven’t used it yet. I want to post the Ghanaian flag on the same tree as my Peace Corps flag. I just hung my new American flag. It took some doing as I couldn’t remove a piece so I could put the hook piece on the right place, but then I remembered I had an other pole. The flag is now flying. I got the small one, but it is huge. Trump would have a big flag to hug.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Saturday is still my favorite day of the weekend. I watched the same shows as you on Saturday mornings. One of my biggest surprises as a kid was seeing color TV for the first time in 1959 at the State Fair of Texas. Growing up with Black and white TV from the beginning of TV in 1947, I never thought about it not being in color. I went to my first baseball game in person in 1955, and was surprised at colors. I thought that the infield grass was just a different shade of gray from the basepaths. 🙂 The human mind is a very strange place. 🙂

    Good luck hanging your flags. Do you have to climb up a ladder to hang them? Ladders and I don’t mix. Besides having a fear of heights, I fear falling off of a step ladder and breaking my neck. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We didn’t get color until the mid-1960’s. I too was surprised at what programs looked like in color. What surprised me was that several programs shown in B&W were actually filmed in color like Superman, The Cisco Kid, Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, Zorro (Disney’s) and Davy Crockett.

      I was thrilled when I walked out to the seats in the field area at Fenway for my first night game. It looked magical The grass was the greenest I’d ever seen, and the lights made everything shine. That was so different than what I’d seen ion TV.

      My American flag hangs off the front end of my house. I did have to exert a bit of effort to get it out of the flag holder, but I did and the new flag is hanging now. I haven’t yet hung the Ghanaian flag, but I did put up a metal bird. It took a bit of hammering. I am wary of ladders as I did fall of one and hurt myself.

  3. Birgit Says:

    Back home, it was a lovely warm summer evening (what’s rain???) with live music in the neighborhood, an Afropop concert (Cameroun, Congo, Germany/Senegal) in a nearby backyard, dancing, drinking and so on. You may have liked this music too. Not much on Youtube yet, it’s a new group which first met online in Covid times. Today just guitar/singing, sax and piano, not the whole group in the video below. It was fun. I’m glad that summer open air concerts are back, some more will follow next week in town including concerts and more in our local tram.

    • katry Says:

      You’re right. I like this music. In some places it seems to have a familiar beat. I do envy your open air concerts. There are some here, but they are not cheap. I went in the past but haven’t lately. I do miss live music.

      The cape is a cultural desert!

  4. Hedley Says:

    It’s Saturday night, and Mrs MDH and I have made our way to Denver to see our granddaughter. We spent the morning in the park, then headed to Bakery Four to buy cookies. The store welcomed us like old friends. It was very nice and part of the sense of community on Tennyson Street.
    We are planning to escape the heat tomorrow and head up to Breckinridge- new to me and I am looking forward to it.
    I heard from a reliable source that there is a major retrospective in the works for Kirsty MacColl. Her song “they don’t know about us” was a huge hit for Tracey Ullman and reflective of the extraordinary song writing skills of Kirsty

    Enjoy the long weekend, from a very hot Denver

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Your granddaughter is so beautiful. I saw her picture on Facebook. It is wonderful that you get to visit as often as you do. In that way my sister is lucky. The furthest away of her 6 grandchildren are about an hour and a half drive. One is 5 minutes away.

      I haven’t ever been to Breckinridge either. My sister and her family used to go up for a long weekend every summer but haven’t since the lockdown. They really enjoyed the area.

      Take care and enjoy your granddaughter!!

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