“All was silent as before — All silent save the dripping rain.”

This morning is the sort which makes you smile. The air is cool from last night, the leaves, blown by the strong wind, are rustling as they sway, the sun is bright and the blue sky is deep and beautiful. The dogs have been running in the yard, coming in only for their sips of coffee and a bit of toast with peanut butter. I’ll be out and about today with a stop at the dump and another at Agway for pet food and some mums.

The clematis spread across the front fence is filled with buds and a few flowers, the first to bloom. The pine tree by the front garden also has clematis laden with buds. It has climbed half-way up the tree trunk. Every day I check for more flowers and can barely wait until the fence and the tree are draped in white.

Miss Nala scared me this morning. I called her, but she didn’t come. I went on the deck and called. No Nala. I went into the yard and didn’t see her. I knew she couldn’t get out of the yard, but she scared me nonetheless. I decided to check the house and noticed the open gate to Jack’s room. She was there. She got in but couldn’t get out. The food was all gone. She wagged her stub of a tail at me, but I was having none of it. Poor Jack was hiding and wouldn’t come out from his hiding spot which I suspect was under one of the beds. I filled his dishes again. That dog is an endless pit.

In Ghana, in Bolga, this is still the rainy season. The millet is so high you can’t see beyond the first rows along the dirt roads. Everything is green, the wild grass, the leaves of the trees and the crops surrounding the compounds. It rains every day. When I went back to Bolga, I’d sit at a table in the hotel’s outside restaurant and watch the rain. It was my favorite place to sit and watch and listen as the rain fell on the roof above my head.

I learned early on, during Peace Corps training, that rain never interferes with daily life. I’d shop on market days even in the rain. I never saw a puddle. The ground quickly sucked up the rain. I never saw anyone carrying an umbrella. The rain is welcomed. The rain is a blessing.

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4 Comments on ““All was silent as before — All silent save the dripping rain.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was a repeat of yesterday’s weather. It was cooler, 77° this morning with clouds and humidity. This afternoon the high is topping out at only 83° with thunderstorms and rain showers. My house has been missed by the big downpours this week and only getting occasional sprinkles.

    Nala, will test you daily because it’s become a game for her. Have fun and don’t injure yourself!

    Today I went to the doctor for my annual physical exam. Of course, you don’t see the doctor but instead see his PA, (Physician’s Assistant), my doctor is too busy counting his money to see me for a physical examination. 🙂 Fortunately, it appears I have a good chance of making it through another year. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It is 9:30, and the night is chilly, down to 64°. I’m going to close the windows. Tomorrow will only reach 74° with a low of 55°. They sound like fall temperatures.

      I am really careful around the dogs, mostly Henry as he follows me everywhere. I am always aware of both dogs near me. Nala does enjoy the games.

      Good thing you’ll make it through another year. My doctor insists that his patients over 70 see him twice a year. I’m fine with that. He is the one who sees me. I could opt for his PA but decided to sick with my doctor. I did give him hell about something I mentioned more than a few times which he didn’t address, the night tie pain in one eg. A different doctor took care of it. That meant my doctor is paying a whole lot of attention.

      • Bob Says:

        I like the PA better. My doctor had me coming in twice a year. The second physical seemed just another way to get more money out of my insurance company. The PA said annually so I will stick with them. I had to schedule my physical for September 2023 to get an appointment with the doctor.

      • katry Says:

        I have my stable of doctors. My heart is always in afib so I see my cardiologist every six months. I don’t mind seeing my doctor every six months just to keep with getting older.

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