“The year is a book, isn’t it…? Spring’s pages are written in Mayflowers and violets, summer’s in roses, autumn’s in red maple leaves, and winter in holly and evergreen.” 

This morning is one of those perfect moments when the heavens align. I am sitting on the deck being cooled by a breeze which ruffles all the oak leaves. I can hear them as they spin. The crows are raucous. Alexa is playing classic folk. My coffee is delicious, Honduran coffee. I just shared my cranberry-orange scone with the dogs. I bought some yesterday at the farmer’s market in Harwich where we gave a uke concert. The dogs have settled down for their morning naps. I’m wonderfully comfortable under the umbrella, the red umbrella, keeping the sun at bay. Times like this remind how wonderful it is to be alive and to live on Cape Cod.

I have little to do today, mostly deck stuff. I have to fill feeders and change the water in the hanging bird bath. The deck herbs and plants need watering. Two lanterns have to be hung, but I’m not sure where.

Today will be hot, in the low 80’s. Tonight will cool a bit and be in the high 60’s. Summer is getting its last licks.

When I was a kid, I never really worried about anything. I lived life day to day. During the school year, every day was the same. I wore a uniform so no hunting an outfit for the day. I walked to and from school. I sat through the same subjects every day. I had a sandwich for lunch and something for dessert. I ran around at recess releasing the demons, the restlessness from sitting at my desk most of the day. When I got home, I had to change from my school clothes to my play clothes. I was outside until the street lights went on. I always said we were cheated in the winter when darkness came so early. My mother didn’t buy it.

I never noticed those days were routine. I thought they were filled with surprises like the beautiful red leaves in the fall, the brown leaves in the gutters waiting to be kicked, the snow piled high on the sidewalks, the buds and then the tiny leaves still furled on the branches, spring rain, puddles for splashing, the days of finally shedding winter for spring, and, best of all, the warmer days heralding the coming of summer.

I have time again to notice my small part of the world, to see the every day changes and the miracles in the flower garden, to hear the insects and the birds, to watch the dogs chase each other in the yard and to sit quietly to take in the smells and sounds all around me. Life can’t get more interesting than this.

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4 Comments on ““The year is a book, isn’t it…? Spring’s pages are written in Mayflowers and violets, summer’s in roses, autumn’s in red maple leaves, and winter in holly and evergreen.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today started out cloudy but the temperature was in the mid to upper 70s. Right now it’s 89° With a forecasted high of 91°. Next week the projected high temperatures are in the 80s with a good chance of rain every day. 🙂 I’ve lived here long enough to know that next week is just an anomaly and the hot dry weather is not done with us yet.

    All week I have been attending classes delivered by my boss and his boss. It was interesting stuff but I was exhausted by evening time. Last night they took my colleagues and I out to dinner at a very high class steakhouse. It had been so long since I had eaten a steak of any kind, I devoured all 16 oz. in short order. I’m glad the company picked up the tab. The restaurant was jammed and I personally wouldn’t recommend it to anyone or spend my money at that establishment.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Wow, did you need a winter coat? That is really cool compared to how it has been for you, but then reality stepped in and brought 91°. I hope that the forecast is correct and that you’ll get rain, anomaly or not. I think we might get rain next Tuesday or Wednesday.

      Long days in the classroom would make me tired as well despite how interesting the material might be. I can’t even remember the last time I had a steak either. Mostly I eat chicken or pork though I do have ground beef in the freezer.

      The restaurant sounds popular given it was jammed so what prompted the non-recommendation?

      • Bob Says:

        Besides the high prices, $48 for a steak served with everything else al a carte, it wasn’t cooked correctly. Because it took so long to get the meal, I ate it anyway. Also, for supposedly prime beef it was not tender. It’s a restaurant that businessmen take clients, drink too much, and charge it the company, which is what my bos did. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        That is an unbelievable price. You should have sent it back for that cost. The cook blew it!! Your boss knew the ropes

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