“Behind all your stories is always your mother’s story. Because hers is where yours begin.” 

The early morning was chilly, but the air is getting warmer. The high will be in the low 70’s, almost winter weather compared with the scorching highs of last week. The sky is partly sunny. I can see blue toward the west. The trees are quiet in the still air.

I have a couple of errands today, mostly Agway errands. The gate keeping Nala out of Jack’s room was pushed inward by Miss Nala who then sneaked inside and stole all the cat treats and everything in the bowls, twice. Foolishly, I thought I had secured the gate after the first theft. I was wrong. I forgot I was dealing with Nala, stealthy Nala. She made off with her bounty, I didn’t even know until I went on the deck and saw the yard littered with pet food papers. Nala was running around with a big bag of Temptations. I knew not to chase her and just waited. Finally, seeing my disinterest, she dropped the bag and I saved what was left. Later I grabbed my prisoner stick and cleaned the yard.

I liked school. I loved to learn. It never really bothered me when school started. By then, I had filled the summer.

When I was a kid, clothes didn’t really matter. I wore shorts, a blouse and sneakers all summer. I just grabbed what was in my bureau drawers. I never gave matching a thought until I was older. Comfort was the overriding reason for my choices. I have come full circle. Comfort again rules my choice of clothing, but at least now the colors match.

My mother would have been 95 today. She was my first thought when I woke up. I still miss her and sometimes forget she is gone when I think to call her about something or another. Then I remember, and the sadness comes.

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2 Comments on ““Behind all your stories is always your mother’s story. Because hers is where yours begin.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was a cool 98° without a drop of rain. 🙁

    I understand how you feel on your mother’s birthday. My mother would be 101 had she lived. She’s been gone since 1961. Her birthday was March 21st.

    I was not the best student but I enjoyed many classes. I think I was an undiagnosed HDHD. However, back then no one knew about that malady. When I was in high school I started drinking black coffee in the mornings which I think helped. The school systems will all be open this week. Like you I was ready to start back to school after the three month summer vacation.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      The house is cool in the morning. Today, Sunday, it will be hot again, Cape Cod hot, at 79°.

      I remember you were young when your mother passed. I wasn’t, and it still hurt so much. I was lucky. I had a great mom.

      With the nuns, no one had ADHD because no one dared move without permission, and we had huge classes sometimes as high as 45 or 50. In high school we were far fewer because you had to take an entry test, and there was tuition, not much but enough.

      Summer goes fast.

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