“Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, Blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels.” 

The heat has me staying inside wearing socks to warm my feet, a small price to pay for a cold house. The temperature is 85° already but with the humidity it feels far warmer. The breeze is strong but does little to cool the air. The sky is cloudy but no rain is predicted.

I have an item on my dance card, a play tonight at the Cape Playhouse, An American in Paris. I haven’t seen this play before as it has never been staged at the Playhouse, but I have seen the movie and even know some of the songs. I’ll go from a cold house to a cold car to a cold theater. Such is summer life.

When I was a kid, we sort of all dressed the same in the summer. We wore shorts, sneakers and a blouse, sometimes a sleeveless blouse. My sneakers were aways white with pointed toes though by the end of the summer they were a bit dirty and well-worn. The younger I was the less I cared about keeping my sneakers white.

When I was in high school, I hung around most of the time. I’d sit inside or outside and read during the day. At night, I had drill practice twice a week and competitions on the weekends. On other nights, we’d sometimes play miniature golf, go to a drive-in or even bowl. I was a horrible bowler. Many balls made their way down the gutters, nowhere near the pins. My score was always an embarrassment. Being a good bowler is not an inherited trait. My mother bowled in a league. She was a good bowler.

My friend and I used to camp in the backyard. We’d lay a tarp on the ground, bring out pillows and spend the whole night outside. I loved to lie on my back and look at the stars which covered the sky. The nights were so bright with star-light there were shadows around us. I remember the long, skinny shadows of the trees and how one side of the house was a giant shadow on the ground. The front of the house and the sidewalk were lit by streetlights. In the road were the circles of light from the street light cutting through the darkness. The nights were alive with the sounds of insects, night birds and barking dogs. I was never afraid. I slept soundly the whole night.

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