“Heat waves shimmering one or two inches above the dead grass.”

I am behind closed doors. My air conditioner is blasting. The high today will be 87˚ and the low 72˚ though I can’t imagine in what world 72˚ is a low. A hot breeze is blowing. We had no rain yesterday despite a threatening sky and ugly humidity. The heat will be around until the weekend. I’ll be out on the deck later to water the plants.

When I was a kid, I don’t remember the heat ever bothering me. I was out every day. On the hottest days I sometimes went to the pool. It was on the other side of town, a long walk. The pool was often crowded. On the concrete sides of the pool, I remember couples, teens, spread out on towels next to each other. Girls had to wear bathing caps. I wondered why not boys. One time, when I dove from the board, I went straight down and hit my face on the bottom. I split my lip which swelled right away. The lifeguard checked me out then drove me home. I hated the split lip but I loved the ride.

When I was in Ghana, my friends had a pool near them. I used to kid them that they lived in the lap of luxury. Once in a while when I visited, we went to the pool, no bathing caps necessary.

I remember one Sunday when I was in Accra during a school holiday. A few of us got together and went to a resort on the beach. We were there all day. I remember a walk down the beach and a game of beach baseball. We used dead palm branches as bats and a coconut for the ball. It never went very far. I got the worst sunburn that day.

My dance card has a few items so I’ll be venturing out of the house. Today and tomorrow I have uke and Friday night I have a play. I still have a few things to put around the deck and two chairs to lug up from the cellar. I’m waiting until it is a bit cooler in the late afternoon, until the low of 72˚.

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4 Comments on ““Heat waves shimmering one or two inches above the dead grass.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Here here in North Texas a low temperature of 72° would be a nice cool morning. This morning the low temperature here was 83°. The high today is predicated to be 109°. It’s 108° now. London had their first day of 40.5°C (104.9°F) temperature since records have been kept. They have temperature records going back to the 1600s. Who says there’s no global warming? We get these heatwaves about once a decade.

    When you’re a kid nothing bothers you when you are having fun outside. When I was kid here in Dallas I probably didn’t stay hydrated enough during the long hot summers but I survived. In those days we abused are bodies in many ways that we wouldn’t do today.

    I’m not a big fan of swimming in the ocean at the beach. I hate getting sand all over my body, and I don’t enjoy sea water and anything it carries in along with it like creatures and sea weed. Give me a nice swimming pool anytime. Unfortunately, this past week it’s been too hot to take a dip in my nice clean but warm pool. 🙂 The water is about 90°.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      England is in deep trouble. Under 5% of homes have AC. I also read the houses are built to retain heat. Roads are buckling, and they shut down parts of the underground. I think much of Europe is now suffering from global warming. It seems to be coming faster than imagined.

      Boston is under a heatwave warning. Here on the cape we are not. This time of year north of us is always hotter.

      I never thought about being hydrated when I was a kid. There was a bubbler on the field at the park were I spent most summer days so I did have that at least. I even taught my dog to drink out of it.

      I like the beach but not so much for swimming. I prefer a lake even to a pool.

      • Bob Says:

        At 10:30 tonight the temperature is 98°. Thank goodness for AC.

      • katry Says:

        Wow!! I don’t think my temperature ever got that. Right now it is 12:30 and it is down to 76°.

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