“There’s something satisfying about getting your hands in the soil.” 

Today is not the best of all days. The decision will be made as to the next step for Liz. All the test results will be ready by the afternoon. Yesterday, Ryan told his son Ryder the extend of his mother’s condition. For the first time, he cried. Now Ryan has to figure how to tell Georgie, his daughter. The worst is yet to come.

The morning is already warm with the temperature of 79˚, the high for the day. It’s cloudy right now, but the sun is back and forth from behind the clouds. The breeze is strong. All the leaves are blowing.

Yesterday I decided to finish my deck planting though I’m using finish loosely as most of the plants were still in plastic pots from the garden centers. I was out on the deck four hours. I planted herbs and flowers in 2 deck boxes and 15 pots, two decorative and the rest clay. After the potting, I swept the deck, cleaned the table and trash picked the yard. I was dirty and sweaty but happy. I had finally finished the one chore on my to-do list which had been carried from list to list. Today I still need to hit the garden center as I have one empty deck box and one empty clay pot.

When I was growing up, summer seemed endless. Days were spent on my bike, at the park or the pool. I was never home. I’d make my lunch and bring it with me. It was always a bologna sandwich on soft white bread slathered with mustard (the yellow kind as that was all we had), cheese, also yellow, and hot peppers, sometimes chopped and sometimes whole. I’d also pack some cookies, Oreos if we had any left as they went fast. I was never one for fruit in my lunch. I used to stop to eat under the shade of a huge tree. I’d put the kickstand down and keep my bike in the shade. Those handlebars got hot.

When I was in Ghana, I used to borrow a bike to pedal to town. It was all downhill. I’d park the bike near the market, finish my shopping then pedal home, uphill. That reminded me of when I was kid, and our house was at the top of a hill. I loved the ride down, but I mostly had to walk the bike uphill. It was the same in Ghana, but the more I rode, the easier the hill got. Finally, I was able to pedal all the way to the top of the hill. I stopped and cheered.

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6 Comments on ““There’s something satisfying about getting your hands in the soil.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I’m so sorry to hear of Liz’s condition. I have told everyone that should I become in a persistent vegetative state, or brain dead, to pull the plug ASAP.

    What a surprise, clear skies and hot again. It’s summer in Texas!
    As a kid I spent my summers here in Dallas at the local public pool or going on exploitation bike rides. I always returned from the bike rides around noon before it got too hot. Afternoons were spent in water, the public pool or sometimes my sister and I played in the lawn sprinkler. Summer was and still is too short.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Thanks! She also told her husband, my nephew Ryan, the same thing. They are waiting on the final tests regarding brain activity. That is when Ryan will decide what to do.

      I was hot today, not Texas hot, but hot enough. It was 78˚. My house was hot when I got home from uke practice so I’m cooling the house down now before I got to bed.

      I was out all day in the summer, but if I lived in Texas, I’d go home early too. When I was really young, I’d also run through the sprinkler. My father wasn’t a fan of us doing that because it wasn’t good for the lawn, our running.

      I really did love summers, actually still do.

  2. sprite Says:

    Kat, you all are still in my thoughts. I will think good thoughts for that final test.

    • katry Says:

      Many thanks, sprite. I am anxiously waiting for news though I am dreading news.

  3. Christer. Says:

    So sorry to read about Liz!

    I do hope they don’t have to take the hard decision and that there still is hope!


    • katry Says:

      I’m with you in hoping as I can’t imagine my poor nephew making that decision though I know he will. He promised.

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