“You know what Sunday is, it’s a day with a lot of potential for naps.”

Today is a delight, a lovely day with bright sun, blue skies and a slight breeze. The high will be only 74˚, but by mid-week it will get hotter, even into the 80’s. The nights, though, will stay cool, wonderful for sleeping. I’m planning to be on the deck to finish planting the flowers. It’s another day of dirt.

The world seems to slow down on Sundays. I don’t hear any noise or even any cars. I think I heard a dog barking earlier but from faraway. Even the birds are quiet.

When I was a kid, I was never fond of Sundays. No day which started with a forced walk to church for mass would ever be among my favorites, but, despite that, I never skipped mass. That was mortal sin behavior. I didn’t want to resemble the blackened milk bottle in my Baltimore Catechism in the sin section. I preferred to be the other milk bottle, white with some black splotches. Those splotches were sins as well, but venial sins, not so bad. I was safe from hellfire.

My wall calendar still says June. I just haven’t flipped the page. My table calendar is day by day. I am usually a day or two behind. When I wake up in the morning, I take a few seconds to remember what day it is. Sometimes I ask for Alexa’s help.

Nala doesn’t just steal things. She also brings the outside inside. This morning it was a branch which soon became splintered wood pieces with teeth marks. She also likes to bring in pine cones. I find the chewed middles all over the house.

I grew up with television. I remember watching the tiny screen. I found it amazing and watched so closely I toyed with blindness. I watched shows like Superman and the Mickey Mouse Club and all those Saturday westerns. Our TV got bigger and was in a giant cabinet with doors which closed and hid the screen which was still not all the wide. I remember when we got the color TV. I loved Star Trek in color. Finally, I saw the redshirt crewman who was destined to die shortly after beaming down to any alien planet.

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4 Comments on ““You know what Sunday is, it’s a day with a lot of potential for naps.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Yet another scorcher of a day. Yesterday I noticed that my pool pump had stopped working. My pool man had turned it off because the connection to the automatic chlorinator had sprung a leak and was spewing water. Because the automatic chlorinator doesn’t work, I’m using a floating chlorinator, he’s going to bypass it and restart the pump on Monday, I hope. Just another thing to be repaired.

    I watched all the same TV shows as a kid as you. I have been watching a YouTube series on interviews with famous TV personalities that made TV in the past great. I just watched the interview with Peter Graves. He was the star of the shows Fury and Mission Impossible. As you probably know, he and James Arness, of Gunsmoke fame, we’re brothers. He also said that Arness was wounded in WWII and walked with a slight limp. I never noticed his limp all those years watching Gunsmoke. Did you?

    Someone was asked what is the greatest invention of all time? A brilliant idiot replied, a thermos bottle. When the idiot was asked how he came to that conclusion, he replied. “If you put in hot soup in a thermos bottle it stays hot, if you put in an ice cold drink it stays, cold. How does it know the difference?” 🙂 I disagree. The greatest invention is the internet. I now have at my fingertips all the great and not so great knowledge and entertainment in the world instantly at my fingertips. And, I carry the portal to that in my pocket on my iPhone or on my iPad. Of course, YouTube is a part of the internet.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      The pool is an expense, but I think a nice swim on a hot day is pleasant and soothing. At least your pool man already knew about the leak and was dealing with it. I didn’t even know there is such a thing as a floating chlorinator.

      I need a new kitchen faucet. The handle on the hot side broke and the handle on the cold side is loose. I haven’t bought another as I can work around it for a bit. I hate paying for a plumber.

      I never noticed the limp either. I did know they were brothers. I remember watching Fury. He was great on Mission Impossible, Mr. Phelps. I think YouTube is the best spot to find all the old shows and some black and white 50’s science fiction movies.

      I agree about the internet. It opened the entire world for anyone who wants to look. My only complaint is we have a generation of kids who seldom read. Books are too slow.

      • Bob Says:

        The floating chlorinator looks like a six inch diameter flying saucer which you fill with powdered chlorine and it floats around on the water in the pool.

        I also hate calling the plumber, or the electrician, or the AC guy. However, I’m not skilled or knowledgeable enough to repair these things nor do I own the tools.

        In the late 1940’s my father was driving his bosses car when it wouldn’t start. He called his boss who told him to get it repaired. The mechanic told my father to try to start the car and it didn’t start. The mechanic turned one screw and the car started. When the mechanic said he wanted five dollars, my father asked him how he arrived at five dollars. The mechanic replied, “It’s a dollar to turn the screw and four dollars to know which screw to turn”.

        Hopefully, kids are looking up information on the internet and reading the articles and not just watching YouTube videos.

      • katry Says:

        Thanks for explaining the floating chlorinator. I hadn’t ever heard of such a thing.

        I just had my ice maker fixed. The repairman had to put in a new one. I lived without it all winter, but I needed it for summer cold drinks. It took two weeks. The part came in the mail, but the guy didn’t come back to put it in. I wasn’t happy. I called an another guy came instead. He was upset the first guy ditched me and didn’t call.

        I love that mechanic. What a great answer!

        I don’t think kids look up much information. They play games, write on social networks and text their thumbs away.

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