“It’s funny when people say something is “unreal” about something that is, in reality, real. I’m so guilty of it, it’s real!” 

The early morning was foggy. We are socked in by clouds. The breeze is close to being a wind. The air is muggy. It is 74˚and will get a bit warmer. I have to do a couple of errands, and tonight I have uke practice. The beginning of my week is loaded with uke. We have the Monday concert, Tuesday practice and Wednesday lesson.

Last night’s concert went well. A breeze kept us comfortable. We played bluegrass and some patriotic music for a sort of crowd sing-a-long. I gave myself extra time to get to Hyannis. It was, after all, 4th of July weekend, but I was gobsmacked. The traffic seemed to have disappeared. I had to wait for only a single light cycle at the busiest road. I was early for the concert and hung around chatting with my fellow uke players who also gave themselves extra time, and who were also gobsmacked by the missing traffic.

Around 2 or 2:30 this morning giant bangs woke me up. The sound was so close I could even hear the sizzle from the lit firecrackers before they went off. The closest bang scared the heck out of Nala. She leapt from the floor to me on the bed and stayed close, ever alert. I swear the firecrackers were being throw into my yard. The bangs were that close. I think it had to be the neighbor behind me. I could hear some people laughing. Finally, after the loudest and closest bang, they stopped. Nala was still with me. Once the quiet started, she decided to lie down beside me, touching me, her security. That is the last thing I remember.

Yesterday I was watching the news. The police were asking for films and stills of yesterday’s shooting. The main speaker urged listeners to drop a dime and call. I have only heard that idiom used to mean snitching to the police. This speaker meant it literally. I wondered how many listeners understood what the speaker meant. I don’t even think there are pay phones still around.

Language has to change to remain relevant. Some changes are only for the minute (slight exaggeration here) while other changes make themselves at home and stay around. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s. My parents grew up mostly in the 30’s. My every day language is a mishmash.

I learned copacetic because my mother used it. I have never cooked with gas but only literally. A dreamboat for me would be a yacht with staff. A guy who’s fast isn’t a runner. My father used to announce he was going to the can. The squares and party poopers have disappeared. I don’t get why made in the shade means what it does. Take a picture. Are you writing a book?

I could keep going but my heels are on fire.

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6 Comments on ““It’s funny when people say something is “unreal” about something that is, in reality, real. I’m so guilty of it, it’s real!” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    It seems like mass shootings are becoming the norm rather than the exception. This rash of gun violence doesn’t even take into account the Supreme Court decision repealing New York States requirement to be licensed to carry a handgun. I can’t wait to see what a shooting gallery will occur when everyone in NYC is armed with a concealed weapon. The recent gun safety bill that was signed into law was too watered down to get Republican support in the senate to do much good. In an election year Republicans had to look some what interested in gun safety after Uvalde. This bill was without jeopardizing their stand along with the Robert’s court interpretation of the second amendment.

    It was very very quiet in my neighborhood last night. I did hear the fireworks from the big display on Grapevine lake at about 9:30. It’s been so dry here that the city of Ft. Worth canceled their fireworks display last night to prevent additional grass fires in the area.

    All of the terms you used I use occasionally including copacetic. I had to read it twice because I’ve never seen it written before now. I also refer to the bathroom as the can. Another term for using the facility is, “the head”, if you’re of a nautical mind, or, “the John”. Of course our friends across the pond like the term “the lue”. It must have an old English meaning, or something. I never used the term, “Dreamboat”, but some young lady may have referred to me as such. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I have run out of words. These savage attacks have no reason to end. Guns are easily bought. Even crazies can get them, no background checks in so many places. The Supreme Court represents the best interests of the gun lobby. They strike down any forceful attempts at regulation. I live in a state with a strict gun law but other states are close, and they haven’t gun laws of their own.

      I agree about the safety bill, but it is a start where we have had no starts before this.

      The plovers were responsible for fireworks being postponed in some towns. The babies have to be protected.

      It is a weird word. It actually sounds like its spelling if broken into small letters pairs.

      The Oxford English Dictionary says the source of loo is of unknown origin. I tried!


    • J Says:

      I always knew “to the loo” as a reference to traveling the home of the throne…but then I realized that when people used a phrase to say ‘goodbye’, it had a second meaning: “toodaloo”> “to the loo”, too!

      • katry Says:

        I didn’t know this. Now I’l just mention it the next time someone tells me goodbye.

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